The Social Behavior of The Most Tech-Driven Generation

The Social Behavior of The Most Tech-Driven Generation

Generation Alpha, aka the iGeneration, is the first generation entirely born within the 21s century. 

Generation Alpha, aka the iGeneration, is the first generation entirely born within the 21s century.

As digital natives, they domine and promote technology to interact with each other and express themselves. What does it mean then to be a kid in 2021?

According to Bizimtube, "born from 2010 to 2025, the iGen will soon be a 2 billion crowd." What makes them different? They grow up to Siri and Alexa's voices, and Google assistant helps them about the house.

The source also points out that "many of them were born in the same year as iPad and Instagram. In fact, 90% of the iGen kids learn to handle a tablet by the age of 2." Lots of them also get their first personal gadget when they are 3 to 4 years old.

An individual approach is everything to Alphas: they're used to smart algorithms that create cartoon playlists and choose music based on personal preferences.

The iGen sorts the news they see in their digital feeds, and they expect the world to adapt to their interests and needs. The iGen creates new types of content: they unpack toys, play computer games in the Let's Play (LP) format, and do their own voiceovers of their favorite games.

Alphas film their Do It Yourself (DIY) ideas, pranks, live streams, and sitcoms. And all these videos get three times more views than those created by adult vloggers.

They have excellent critical thinking skills and don't waste time on the less important stuff. However, the borderline between the real and online worlds is really vague to the Alphas. They see their digital profiles as an extension of reality.


Bright Side reports that one out of eight children vlogs about their everyday life. They're used to sharing everything not only with their friends and family but also with the rest of the world. They expect this world to be the same as they see it on the screen.

iGen kids are best friends with their parents and spend more time together than other generations. Tech-savvy Alphas can give their parents some digital tips since they often share the same interest, like creating common vlogs and play online games together.

The upbringing process has also become different. Family media consumption traditions have become a big deal.

Generation Alpha can shop online, go to places in self-driving cars, and let mobile apps and Artificial Intelligence (AI) take care of other things. It means they'll have more free time than previous generations to do something they really enjoy. For example, take care of their mental well-being, get new skills, or develop their creativity.

Doing most of the things online does save the iGen a bunch of time but can damage their soft skills. Alphas are digitally connected and just one click away from the rest of the world, but they have less human contact than other generations. No wonder they are sometimes called "screenagers."

Generation Alpha has high moral standards and feels more responsible for the Earth's future. They're taught to be eco-friendly when they are still toddlers by watching their parents and favorite cartoon characters recycle.

Screenagers will have to work on developing their emotional intelligence. It'll soon be the only thing in which people can be superior to robots.

Alphas love to relax by both making and watching content, which other generations find meaningless. Platforms like TikTok have grown massively in recent years. They let the iGen kids express themselves creatively by using a bunch of special effects and simple editing tools.

The kids of 2021 are decision-makers and powerful influencers. Their parents have already started to choose their tech purchases based on their kids' needs, and it's just the beginning.

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