Climate Activism, in the Voice of the New Generations

Climate Activism, in the Voice of the New Generations

In recent times, climate change has become one of the most important issues on the international agenda.

In recent times, climate change has become one of the most important issues on the international agenda.

Dozens of organizations have been created to direct, manage, lead and monitor humanity's efforts on the subject, showing a large participation of young women in the leadership of environmental initiatives.

The current conditions of the planet concern a large part of humanity, because many species are in danger of extinction, putting at risk the standard of living of its inhabitants, especially the new generations. For this reason, the international system has witnessed a feeling that is growing around the world at great speed and that seems to be the theme that unites all young people globally.

What is interesting about these new leaderships is the presence of a very high percentage of young women at the forefront of environmental initiatives. According to US media such as The Washington Post, and based on a survey conducted at a climate strike event in Washington in 2019, it was determined that 68% of the organizers and 58% of the participants were women, ratifying a change in leadership with respect to the fight against climate change.

The Greta Effect

One of the most significant examples is the case of Greta Thunberg, who successfully attracted world attention after her decision to protest in front of the Swedish parliament. The initiative of the 18-year-old made her a global symbol of the fight against climate change. A visible social impact of her struggle was the inspiration and unity that she generated in many movements, institutions, and groups of civil society.

In addition, new women leaders have made themselves known in various countries. Alexandria Villaseñor, Luisa Neubauer, and Isra Hirsi decided to lead social and political movements in favor of the environment. The social impact has been so important that the UN, through the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), recognizes the importance of youth participation in the implementation of measures to meet the environmental goals set by the system. International, for which it created an area called "Youth for Climate Action", whose objective is to involve young people in the struggle to improve the natural conditions of the earth.


For this reason, global climate strikes, persuasion on social networks, political pressure, and the creation of hundreds of youth organizations against climate change are some of the contributions of this new leadership that increasingly influences the opinion of thousands of people all over the world. An example of this is the nomination of Greta Thunberg for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize, who stands out as one of the main spokespersons against climate change in the world. Or on the other hand, the role in the United States of Alexandria Villaseñor, co-founder of Earth Uprising, who through her platform links young people from all over the world to the fight against climate change.

Undoubtedly, the new leadership faces of this generation will continue to inspire political and social decisions around the world, turning them into actors of pressure and change to determine the course of the international system.

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