Spotify Announced That Will Continue To Work Remotely

Spotify Announced That Will Continue To Work Remotely

The largest music streaming company on the planet has chosen to implement the new way of working for its employees.


The largest music streaming company on the planet has chosen to implement the new way of working for its employees.

The pandemic changed the world. In reality, they were changes that had already been taking place for some time. That is technological trends that became obligations due to the impossibility of working in person due to COVID-19. However, reality seems to indicate that, in one way or another, this new way of working is positive.

The New York Times warned that the pandemic catalyzed a long-predicted change: telecommuting. Many workers no longer want to go back to the office because they feel like they do so much better working from anywhere. Companies know it and have no problem with it.

On the contrary: these job changes appear to be beneficial to both parties. This can be seen on Spotify, which understood that work efficiency is not measured by hours spent in the office. That's why the company decided to allow all of its employees to work from the location of their choice. Let's learn more about this.

Spotify and Remote Work

The initiative, known as Work From Everywhere, was published on Spotify's own blog. It is a concept that allows Spotifiers to work from anywhere they want. That is a place where they can think and create, to be more productive in the company by being in more comfortable environments.

This work philosophy completely breaks the paradigms in which the business was established, which is why many companies were able to join this initiative. We had already seen it with Twitter, another large company that, according to the Washington Post, understood that the future of work is remote, so they got their workers to carry out activities remotely.

In the specific case of Spotify, they clarified some basic principles about the implementation of the home-office. From the beginning, they made it clear that they want to break with the myth that work "is something that is done in the office," since it is something that people can do, wherever they are.

Another important point, which could generate changes in the labor system, is related to the number of working hours. Although they did not clarify anything in particular, they warned that efficiency "is not related to the number of hours that people spend in an office." If people are given the freedom to fulfill their duties, performance will be optimal.


This possibility allows employees to maintain a balance between work and personal life, providing a feeling of well-being when carrying out their duties. Therefore, Spotify clarified that the offices themselves will undergo transformations, to ensure that all employees, regardless of what they have chosen, can be more comfortable.

This would lead to people being able to work from anywhere in the world, making the old dream of many people come true: traveling and having a stable job. At the same time, it could revolutionize the way new staff is hired. As geographic barriers were removed, companies were able to hire employees from any corner of the world.

This vote of confidence by Spotify in its employees is also related to the company's spectacular financial returns during the current pandemic era. Approximately 155 million premium subscribers are now part of the company, in addition to having some 343 million active users, representing an increase of 27% and an increase in revenue of 17%.

In short, this change in the way of working represents a revolution for the business world. Sooner or later, other large companies, such as Apple, Facebook, or Google, will surely go completely into remote mode. Perhaps in this way, a balance will be fostered between higher employee satisfaction and lower financial results for companies.

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