Commercial Exposes the Experience of Breastfeeding

Commercial Exposes the Experience of Breastfeeding

The Frida company, known for its postpartum products, released a realistic commercial, aired at the 78th Golden Globe Awards.

The Frida company, known for its postpartum products, released a realistic commercial, aired at the 78th Golden Globe Awards.

This is the brand's first television commercial, and it shows new mothers struggling with different types of breastfeeding problems, such as tight breasts and other physical and emotional complications that are part of the effort mothers make to feed their babies. 

The commercial exposing the often unglamorous and sometimes painful experience of breastfeeding puts the following message: Take care of your breasts, not just your baby, while promoting your line of massagers, rubber pads, and nursing pads. The strong and emotional message behind the scenes speaks to an audience about the enormous burden women face, of a society that expects them to unconditionally feed their babies, despite the emotional and physical struggles and discomfort that breastfeeding brings maternal. The message is that women must balance breastfeeding with their own well-being.


The commercial, which was released on YouTube on February 24, already has more than 1.8 million views. It is worth mentioning that it was directed by Rachel Morrison, who was nominated for an Oscar for cinematography for her work on the drama Mudbound, 2017. We are used to commercials that show the romantic experience of beautiful and radiant mothers feeding their babies, while the reality is that it is not easy to wake up every three hours at night to change diapers and new mothers can also experience physical discomfort, tiredness, and emotional aspects.

The huge gap between what's shown in mainstream commercials and reality leaves new parents unprepared for the challenges that a baby can bring in the transition period sometimes referred to as the fourth trimester. This is why the commercial can be seen as an attempt to normalize the entire breastfeeding experience, illustrating how exhausted mothers try to get their babies to latch on, unhook, slow down, eat a little more, or stop crying.

The Frida ad is said to be the first commercial, to tell the truth for mothers, as the usual scene shows a romantic bond between baby and mother in a welcoming environment with no complications for mother or baby. Unrealistic messages can hinder proper care and support for new mothers and especially those who feel the constant pressure to breastfeed even if it damages physical or mental well-being. The ad seems to show us that women, healthcare professionals, and caregivers are now ready to accept and hear the truth about breastfeeding. 

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