Natalia Jiménez Invites You To Abandon Your Fears

Natalia Jiménez Invites You To Abandon Your Fears

Deel's Director of Expansion advises her fellow women to simply believe that they can. The rest will come in addition.

Deel's Director of Expansion advises her fellow women to simply believe that they can. The rest will come in addition.

Due to the pandemic, Natalia Jiménez, like so many millions of inhabitants of the planet, one day began to approach her work life in front of a computer. She assumed virtual language as her way of contributing to the world from her knowledge and in the spaces of the monitor the borders disappeared, like smoke in the air.

The horizon is infinite. That was clear to her. "I began to be aware that any company can hire you no matter where you are." This is how Deel appeared in the life of Natalia, a company whose aim is precisely to facilitate the realization of job opportunities for anyone who lives in rural or urban spaces. In other words, as the adage states, the sky is the limit!

The flag that Natalia Jiménez began to fly, since then, was to open spaces to anyone who wanted a stage to demonstrate their skills and now connects people and companies, a job that fills her with satisfaction because it involves helping others. We are in this world for that right? To shake hands without the mediation of languages, genres, positions, opinions, social or economic conditions!

The startup Deel works as an operational manager between employee and company and although it does not intervene in the recruitment process, it is in charge of knowing the labor regulations of all countries so that, in the exchange of services for remuneration, everything is adjusted. Natalia Jiménez moves in this hiring scenario: "Although education is very important, there are those who do not have a university degree but, due to accumulated learning in technological terms, for example, they are desired by many companies," she says.

The Rein In the Hands of Women

One of the surprises that Natalia found in Deel, the multinational hiring and payments company, is that the co-founder is a woman, Shuo Wang, of Chinese origin: “I rarely see this in large companies. From the work calls, I make every day, I realize that there are almost always men on the other end of the phone."

Deel is an organization that opened operations in Latin America through Colombia, employs 100 people, and is present in more than 150 countries where different languages ​​are spoken and life flows at different times: “Our diversity is the wind that pushes us, the multiculturalism and the diversity of views allow us to have a permanent global vision.” The important thing is the connection and interest that companies show for Latin American talent. Today remote work offers multiple opportunities.


The potential that Colombia has to offer workers and receive foreigners in their companies is a condition of the country that makes it visible in the world. Natalia points out, however, that "it is necessary to promote the Internet connection, broaden the horizons of communication in the territory."

Who Is Natalia Jiménez?

She is an industrial designer and although she is a key professional piece for Deel in Latin America, Natalia is a Colombian, born in Bogotá, who has a history, a story that deserves a privileged space in The Woman Post. The appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic in our lives that took us all by surprise also affected it. But thinking of the uselessness of remaining inert waiting for the answers to come from anywhere, she went out to find them.

A noticeable drop in salary made her reflect on her potential: “I like to paint and I decided to sell my paintings. I surpassed the Colombian borders and offered my pieces internationally.” The result of her making was wonderful and "that is why I invite all Colombian women to leave mental limitations behind, recognize themselves in their qualities, put their ideas into motion and take the world in their hands."

Natalia Jiménez believes that the great limitation of the female gender is to be a permanent prey of doubt: “No! We have to believe in ourselves, start walking, leave the sidewalk and cross the street.” She did it and today she is in Deel where she is the protagonist and weaves relationships in the four cardinal points.

She is the Director of Expansion of Deel, she is in charge of opening markets in Latin countries where her management aims to make more and more small, medium and large companies recognize the Latin labor potential.

You Just Have To Want To Be Able

Any woman who has a computer has an open horizon to show her resume without age being an impediment to jump into the ring: "It is important to know how to communicate, highlight skills and empower yourself to play the best role in a job interview,” advises Natalia to the readers of The Woman Post.

Natalia is married, is 33 years old, and shares her life, in addition, with a dog and two cats. She closes this chapter with an inspiring phrase for all her relatives: "We are more than we think, we must overcome doubt, believe that we can recognize our potential."

This empowered woman is on Linkedin and Facebook as Natalia Jiménez Monroy, on Instagram as @nataliajimm, and on Twitter as @NatisM2.

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