9 Reasons Close Parents Are Important to Their Daughters

9 Reasons Close Parents Are Important to Their Daughters

Here are 9 reasons fathers are so important to their daughters.

Here are 9 reasons fathers are so important to their daughters; in honor of my sister who undoubtedly agrees and helps me to elaborate these words.

Together we have grown up observing wonderful social changes, together with a family evolution that has overcome social prejudices.

I come from a macho family, in my country my parents never had the fortune of knowing the feminist and progressive movements that grant so many rights and benefits to women and to the whole of society. However, when I think about the importance of my father in my life, it is not comparable to the importance that he has for my sister.

1. Because a father generates self-confidence in his daughters

From the day of birth, parents play a key role in the psychological development of their daughters. The differences between loving parents and distant parents can have a major impact on the way girls develop throughout their growth.

2. Because the father encourages you to take professional risks

In the family environment, dad will tell you that you have to move on and continue your career. Do you want to move to another city? He will work tirelessly to help you achieve this. Even if they are going through a crisis, they will always receive words of encouragement that will give you peace of mind. It is a great admiration how parents encourage their daughters.

3. Because there is a more intense love relationship

In countries as macho as those of Latin America, the social statutes do not allow children to be so affectionate with our parents. However, being something so common between parents and daughters, the connection and intense affection that a father and daughter can have is remarkable. On a psychological level, that is a great advantage.


4. Because they positively influence the behavior of their daughters

In the past, psychology has always attached great importance to the bond between mother and daughter, but recent studies have shown that parents also have a great influence on the development of girls' behavioral characteristics. Parents who express love to their daughters and accept their help establish a positive bond.

5. For unconditional protection and care

Dads always do everything possible to protect their daughters from any danger or keep them away from anyone who tries to harm them.

6. Because they are better teachers for their daughters

Mothers play a vital role in the lives of their daughters, but the understanding of life for most women comes from their fathers. The daughter has been aware of the way her father treats other women, especially her mother. A treatment worthy of the mother will make her daughter claim the same for her in the future.

7. Because they are an example to follow

Although it is generally believed that daughters tend to be like mothers, it is interesting that most girls think of their fathers as their role models. Although the dress will be like the mother's, most of her behavioral characteristics come from the parents.

8. Because they define future romantic relationships

Scientific research shows that from a very young age, parents set romantic and platonic standards for their daughters. Fathers who show love to women in life, and are full of love and compassion, can help daughters avoid unhealthy relationships and friendships with men.

9. Because they are catalysts of the anger of a mother

There is no doubt that the complicity between fathers and daughters is sublime when it comes to convincing a mother. If the mother has made an angry decision, an agreement between the daughter and the father will be the indispensable element to make her change her mind.

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