America’s Colleges Strive for This Gifted Girl

America’s Colleges Strive for This Gifted Girl

A 9-year-old girl from Mexico has an IQ higher than that of geniuses like Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking.

A 9-year-old girl from Mexico has an IQ higher than that of geniuses like Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking.

Her name is Adhara Pérez and she has an IQ or Intelligence Quotient of 162, slightly higher compared to Einstein or Hawking's IQ of 160. According to her mother, Nallely Sánchez, Adhara experienced bullying at school. Some of her classmates called her a "freak." Therefore, at that time, Adhara manifested a lack of interest in school.

Since the girl had depression, Adhara always slept in class. At that moment, her mother recognized that this educational proposal was not ideal for her daughter.

Nallely was aware of Adhara's exceptional intelligence at home. It was then that she took her brilliant girl to therapy and the Center for Talent Service (CEDAT) identified her IQ. At age five, Adhara finished elementary school, high school at six, and high school at eight.

When the bright girl was three years old, she was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome on the autism spectrum. Her developmental disorder can cause difficulties with social interaction that caused problems for her at school.

Now, Adhara is studying two online degrees, one in Industrial Engineering in Mathematics at the Technological University of Mexico (UNITEC) and another in Systems Engineering under the National Comprehensive Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI).

According to Forbes, Adhara is considered one of the 100 most powerful women in Mexico. Her mother plans to take her to the United States to take the entrance exam to the University of Arizona, Adhara's dream school.

The gifted student is now learning English in preparation for her studies in the US and she wants to explore astrophysics because she wants to become an astronaut. Without a doubt, she is a gifted girl.

Since she was little, Adhara was a curious child and she enjoyed asking her mother many questions related to space, time, and mathematics.

At just two years old, she was solving complex puzzles. Her parents thought she was normal, but she had already learned algebra by the time she was three years old. It was then that her mother decided to change her from a normal school to an institution for gifted children.

Adhara masters exciting and highly complex subjects such as the relativity of time and space. In particular, she has a great fascination for black holes.


Although she is passionate about astrophysics due to her engineering studies, she currently focuses on derivatives, calculus, mathematics, and linear algebra. When Adhara was six years old, she gave a talk about black holes at the Luis Enrique Erro children's astronomical festival in Mexico City.

Her talent has led her to attend courses such as gravitational waves, the observation area, and the Nibiru club, an astronomy group.

The University of Arizona offers the child prodigy a scholarship to support the girl in her dream of becoming an astronaut. However, her mother told Mexican journalist Nuri Marlen that she does not have the means to move with her daughter to the United States. Currently, her parents are asking the government to fund Adhara's education.

Her dream is to reach the stars and become the world's first youngest female astronaut.

Beyond being a brilliant girl and studying the cosmos and the Big Bang theory, Adhara likes to play games, have fun with her sister Renata Camila, watch TV, and relax with legos or puzzles.

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