5 Self-Love Habits

5 Self-Love Habits

Your morning routine can significantly change your life.

Your morning routine can significantly change your life. Don't underestimate the power of small actions to boost your mood and start your day in the best way.

Here are five self-love habits you can do to maximize your potential and have a more joyful day.

1. Prepare a to-do list with your daily goals

Did you know that writing down your ideas helps you remember them better? The tools you need to use: a notebook that you love, Washi Tape if you want to decorate your notes, a Wite-Out Mini, your most favorite pen, and cute odds. First, write down the signifiers and what you need to remember. Add each calendar day to its page and fill out the entire month. Then, begin adding tasks and appointments to each day. Remember to leave enough note space for all of those big ideas. Each day mark tasks complete as you finish them. Move a task to a different day by simply adding the arrow and noting the new date. Writing down what you need to do through the day will help you manage your time better and complete tasks more efficiently.

2. Make your bed and tidy up your space in the morning

Dr. Jordan Peterson, a Canadian professor of psychology at the University of Toronto and YouTube personality, assures that organizing your room each morning can significantly improve your mental state. According to Dr. Peterson, there is no difference between what you experience and the highest psychological integration level. Cleaning up your room will help you to organize your field of being. He assures, "if you don't organize yourself properly, you'll pay for it." If you take care of your personal space, your life will be a lot different. The state of your room represents the state of your mind.

3. Take some personal quiet time to meditate or breathe

When you're having your quiet time, it's nice to have a go-to spot. Find a place that you consider to be your haven where you won't be easily distracted. You can start your morning meditating or reading one chapter of a book you like. If you have a personal journal, this is the perfect time to relax and let your thought come out.


4. Move your body once a day in a way that makes you feel good

Do your best to get enough exercise. Make it a habit to move your body in different ways each day. You can also do some yoga or stretches. Instead of going outside, you can take your pet for a walk. Enjoy the fresh air of the morning and start your day with the best attitude.

5. Practice self-kindness and compassion when things don't go your way

As humans, sometimes we get very disappointed in ourselves when things don't go as planned. It's ok to apologize and understand that mistakes can bring with them the most significant lessons. Practice self-kindness allowing yourself to grow and experience things as a beginner.

Little by little, you can learn how to love yourself even on the busier days, when you feel like you don't have time to work in you. Healthy habits should be a priority in our lives. Dedicating small actions to your wellbeing and physical and mental health can help you start enjoying your life more.

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