5 Ways To Stop Procrastination

5 Ways To Stop Procrastination

Words that haunt us and make us feel guilty when we stop doing what is important to dedicate ourselves to what is pleasant.

Postpone, delay or procrastinate those words that haunt us and make us feel guilty when we stop doing what is important to dedicate ourselves to what is pleasant.

Women are experts in postponing projects to give priority to the needs of others, I give you an example: remember that time when you wanted to go to a spa and just rest after having a long work week and one of your friends asked you to please help her move, maybe you thought something like "I have to be a good friend," "she needs me," and put aside the fatigue you had. If this happens occasionally nothing happens, the problem is when you know that you have an important task to do for your life and you put it aside to go out to save the world.

When we talk about your growth, whether personal or professional, it is key to have an anti-procrastination plan that allows you to hold on to it in moments of "weakness" and overcome the lack of motivation, the desire for social approval, and the fear of failure, which are the three ways leading to postponement. But how do other women keep up with their obligations and also enjoy life? I already tell you their secrets so that you can create your own plan:

1. Clear your mind

The excess of thoughts takes you from one place to the other and does not allow you to focus on what is really important. For what you are doing, breathe slowly through your nose five times and write in a mental emptying notebook what distracts you.

2. Activate deserving

When someone asks you for a favor that affects your plans, ask yourself, how am I going to feel after doing it? Am I acting out of approval or intent? What if I say no this time?


3. Just do it

Do not wait for the muse of inspiration to do the important things, simply use the power of the five seconds count from 5 to 0 and act, with this you hack your brain and take it into action automatically. The more you use this technique the better because you are creating a neural marker that will help you see this stimulus as the trigger to act without giving you time to review how much motivation you have.

4. Reach a small goal

Find the simplest thing you can do about what you are putting off and take action, this will give you the impetus to continue. In general, you will need to focus ten minutes to enter the flow zone and move faster than you think in that project.

5. Kill the dragons early

As I say in my book "Cerebro Productivo," in your first hour you are full of energy and ready to conquer the world, so program to start the day moving forward in that task and you will see how you do it in less time and with less stress.

Kicking the habit of procrastination isn't as easy as saying just do it, but being aware of what is causing you to procrastinate is a very interesting first step in starting a new course.

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