A Man, Writing the Feminine Thought He Carries Internally

A Man, Writing the Feminine Thought He Carries Internally

The female world for a man should be the water we drink every day because we exist only for them.

The female world for a man should be the water we drink every day because we exist only for them.

For a man, writing women's thinking is very difficult, I must think that it takes boldness, courage, illusion, creativity, I would even say that even a great physical effort. But, frankly, I can't feel all this if I want to be suitable by taking something solid into the role. It is as if they have a box of breaker in their ideologies to be warriors (uploading it) or to endure any difficulties that are presented to them (lowering it). Every woman I know is a sea of virtues, concerns, even flaws that they possess, yet they only require a huge heart, to understand any situation.

According to Rumaan Alam, writer of the ELLE web portal, he constantly writes about women's lives and requires moving away from him, his own life, and his own experience, in order to understand that feminine thinking. This becomes a little overwhelming to think about the fact that it's you, but it's not really you. Likewise, it is part of an uncertainty between what men think and what women feel.

What do women stand for with their souls?

There are several themes, which women permanently defend as is love and freedom, it is clear that love for their children or for their family has an important meaning for women and freedom with an emphasis on gender-based violence that many of them live by some men, according to Gonzalo Mallarino of the Web Portal El Espectador. Although I have not yet managed to understand, that man enters this immense sea without knowing how to swim, men must at least have a notion, of the package in which we are incorporating into life, before doing them some harm.


On the other hand, I believe that all stars are aligned in favor of them and focus only on radiating light from them so that they can shine. So, I conclude that I do not recognize my interior, that is, it is not my body, it is not my self, it is not my soul, it is just another thing that we carry inside, the feminine thought in the depths of my being, but only in the underworld.

How does a man write, with a woman's thought?

There are many odd and disbeliever writers, including my person who tries to write a woman's thoughts. However, this fact is contradictory because the more you try to execute it, the more you feel like you're a woman, you can't denature yourself. This feeling must come out from the depths of your being, not only should you use the neural capacity you can have, it is something else that women carry, with their seventh sense.

For a while, I tried to write with my own thoughts, with my own voice, but it is heavy and annoying, even impertinent because the woman always has something new to flourish, never get bored, you will always need to know more about them, know their impatiences, their reflections, their desires, and their aspirations, being part of their only existence, trying to get you to adhere to some of their magic.

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