Women in SEO: How Does the Industry Work?

Women in SEO: How Does the Industry Work?

Although they were invisible for a long time, women specialized in SEO are being very important for the advancement of this area.

Although they were invisible for a long time, women specialized in SEO are being very important for the advancement of this area.

The technology industry in general does not pay much attention to women. At least, the main leaders are always men. For example, Bill Gates, Tim Cook, or Elon Musk are some of the most visible faces in the market. The same goes for SEO, which is essential for websites to gain visibility. In the world of SEO, women play a vital role in shaping the industry and driving its success. With platforms like workwithnoah.com, women can access valuable resources, mentorship, and collaboration opportunities to excel in their SEO careers and make a significant impact in this dynamic field.

According to a recent survey by North Star Inbound, there are twice as many men as women in the SEO industry. Although this trend seems to be changing in recent times, that doesn't mean that the impact of women in this area has been small. Quite the contrary: many of them have been key to the evolution of SEO.

SEO and Women

History shows that both men and women are qualified to work in SEO. No matter how much experience you have or what industry you belong to, you always have the opportunity to make a career change to focus your career in a field that is constantly growing.

In reality, anyone who is passionate about statistics and implementing strategies to reach a mass audience can benefit from SEO. However, as the ways of consuming content change, you have to know that the study is dynamic. That is, what you learn today may be obsolete tomorrow.

If you are interested in starting to work in this sector, you can review some stories of women who have been important to the industry. One of the key personalities was Vanessa Fox, author, among others, of the book Google: Your Online Strategy IS Your Business Strategy, which tries to explain the indispensable basics to survive the digital business of this new era.


However, that's not all: she was also the creator of Google's Webmaster Central, a fundamental tool for any SEO specialist who wants to improve your website. The way it works is simple: Google wants you to rank well, so it provides you with the tools to optimize your websites, making reliable diagnostics.

Areej AbuAli is another of the most prominent women in SEO. She founded the Women in Tech SEO network, which aims to include more and more women in the industry. She specializes in giving advice, but she also gives many talks where she gives space for other women to give their opinion on technological changes in the industry, which has always been seen as a "boys' club."

Along the same lines, another of the most important women is Nicole DeLeon, founder of North Star Inbound. In particular, she was in charge of leading several studies that explain the gender and diversity gaps within the industry. In particular, she is trying to change this situation so that more and more women have leadership roles in technology companies.

All these success stories of women make us rethink our work as professionals and understand that women are also ready to be relevant in the industry. In any case, marketing specialists can support women so that they can improve themselves on their own.

One good way is to do mentoring. Many women are not even aware of the existence of the SEO field, so we can give advice and ideas on how to get into the industry. In the same way, if you have the possibility to offer work, you should bet on an equal opportunity policy, giving equal opportunities to both men and women.

Moreover, the possibility of offering flexibility in terms of schedules and location (especially with the home office) will make more and more women interested in perfecting their talent. Also, as we have seen, making viral the talks given by women will serve to improve their confidence so that they do not suffer from impostor syndrome, for example.

In short, we have seen that there are many important women in the SEO industry. However, if we want more and more of them to join this work sector, we must generate the conditions so that they do not feel excluded, but empowered so that they can squeeze all their talent and improve this very important work on the Internet.

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