Common Interview Mistakes and What To Do

Common Interview Mistakes and What To Do

We bring you the 5 most common mistakes that you may make in a job interview, even if you did not know you were making them.

No one is immune to making a mistake in a job interview, especially when it is the first time, and the problem many times is that we focus more on what to do, so it is necessary to get help from another person to analyze common mistakes.

That is why we bring you the 5 most common mistakes that you may make in a job interview, even if you did not know you were making them.

At last, the day arrives, you could hardly sleep the night before, you thought about it a lot and imagined the worst questions they could ask you; those are the thoughts that most young women and men have before going to a job interview.

When we start our work life, nerves can play against us, but when we already have experience, changing jobs is a change in our state of comfort, which can cause an excess of confidence, or not being prepared can make us lose our opportunity.

1. Use the curriculum as a reference constantly

Many times when in an interview, people stick to the resume as if it were a script that the interviewer must learn by heart. We repeat phrases like "according to what my resume says," or "as you can see on my resume." Although these words are not bad, you must be careful because you send a subliminal message where you imply to the interviewer that he should have studied you in advance.


2. Confess during the interview

Bad decisions, past mistakes, love, family, or disappointment tragedies are not a good tool to win over the interviewer. Empathy in human beings is something that we all must have naturally, but by being in a job interview you are demonstrating your abilities and skills. The interviewer is not going to like you wasting a dramatic story so that you win their favor.

3. Exceed informality

Social standards and formality have been part of our daily life. Women and men were taught to sit one way, not to stop, to always be smiling, to maintain serenity and charisma. In a job interview this can be your worst move, because by maintaining a rigid figure and a distant attitude, you won't be able to connect with your interviewer.

Sure, there should always be formality, but showing your personality a bit won't hurt anyone, and it can even help you get the job you want so much.

4. Being too impulsive

The energy level of each interview is the benchmark of the interview. Therefore, one should strive to find neutrality, not to become really strong or avoid becoming too strong. You need to adapt to the energy of the room, or in your case of the digital platform you are on. The key is making connections and not just pretending to be.

5. Communicate incorrectly

Written communication plays a vital role in the job search process. When you are finally at the interview, verbal and physical communication will complete the rest of the work. Shake hands with your interviewer firmly, look him in the eye, stay positive, and even before answering the first question, you can balance the scale in your favor.

Although what I told you is not a magic formula to get a job, it is an excellent tool to get to that day with more confidence and with the security of making fewer mistakes.

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