Women Running the Green-Digital Economy

Women Running the Green-Digital Economy

Women are occupying the jobs that control the world's largest economy.

Women are occupying the jobs that control the world's largest economy.

This radical change may already be affecting economic policy: a new $2.3 trillion spending plan presented by new U.S. President Joe Biden includes $400 billion to fund the "care economy," supporting jobs at home and in the community that cares for children and the elderly, this work is usually done by women who have mostly gone unnoticed in recent years, according to Andrea Shalal of the Reuters medium.

On the other hand, the plan also has hundreds of billions more dollars to correct racial inequalities and between rural and urban areas that were created in part by economic, trade, and labor policies of the past government.

Empathy and Stability

In the most comprehensive study to date on diversity at the top levels of central banks, sovereign wealth funds, public pension funds, and commercial banks, only three of the 540 institutions achieved a perfect GBI score of 100. Only 12 of them, or 2.2%, scored 90 or more, a level indicating that the institution is close to achieving balance. Only 71 are led by women and 56 have no women on their executive teams or boards, according to the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF).

In this sense, the index tracks the presence of men and women in decision-making positions in financial institutions. It is based on a database of nearly 9,000 people. For the first time this year, commercial banking is being included in the analysis to make comparisons between the public and private sectors.

In short, the measures suggest that women have a better track record of managing institutions.

Green-Digital Economic Transformation

The digital economy, which in recent years has shown significant growth potentiated by the COVID-19 pandemic, is a great opportunity for women to join the workplace. Nadine Gasman, president of the National Women's Institute (INMUJERES), cited that digital commerce had a further increase in the pandemic, which is why it is a great opportunity for women entrepreneurs to take advantage of this channel.

In addition, the National Institute of Women (INMUJERES) together with the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP), the Secretariat of Economy (SE), CONALEP, Uber Eats, and Mercado Libre, signed a collaboration agreement, called "Women in Digital Transformation," to promote the development of women's digital and financial business skills through the delivery of courses, according to Belén Saldívar of the Middle Economist.

There are women making a digital economic transformation:

Katherine Tai

According to the EFE Agency Web Portal, the Senate unanimously approved attorney Katherine Tai as the country's new Foreign Trade Representative, who will lead the new president's trade agenda, Joe Biden, in open disputes with China and the European Union (EU). The confirmation vote in the Senate came out with 98 votes in favor and none against, which is unusual given the current partisan polarization in Congress.

On the other hand, as a trade representative, she will have to deal with the fronts opened by former President Donald Trump (2017-2021), who imposed several rounds of tariffs against most imports from China.

Avril Haines

The U.S. Senate confirmed Avril Haines as the new Director of American Intelligence (DNI), the first confirmation of President Joe Biden's nominees for his cabinet. Haines, who was deputy director of the CIA from 2013 to 2015, thus becomes the first woman to hold the DNI headquarters, to coordinate the 17 agencies of the American intelligence community, according to the EFE Agency Web Portal.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield

According to Matthews Lee of the PBSO News Hour, the Senate confirmed President Joe Biden's election to lead U.S. diplomacy at the United Nations. Linda Thomas-Greenfield's confirmation reflected the Biden administration's determination to recommit to the global agency and the diplomacy of former President Donald Trump that often left the United States internationally isolated.


Janet Yellen

Janet Yellen, former chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, was confirmed by the Senate as the first female Treasury Secretary. This prominent economist is the third member of Biden's cabinet to receive the green light from the Senate. Her role will be critical in the first weeks of the new administration, as it will have to negotiate with Congress to get the approval of Biden's $1.9 trillion bailout package to revive the U.S. economy from the COVID-19 crisis, according to the DW Made for minds medium.

Gina Raimondo

According to the EFE Agency Web Portal, the Senate confirmed as the new Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo, the current governor of the state of Rhode Island, who will hold much of U.S. trade policy, including China, in her hands.

As Secretary of Commerce, Raimondo will have to coordinate both trade policy and several disparate agencies that are part of its department, including the Census Bureau and the National Bureau of Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

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