Uses for Our Lives of Apple’s New AirTags

Uses for Our Lives of Apple’s New AirTags

Apple AirTags tags will be used to locate personal items such as your keys, backpack or wallet, via Bluetooth.

Apple AirTags tags will be used to locate personal items such as your keys, backpack or wallet, via Bluetooth.

Apple has officially introduced the AirTags. These beacons will help us find everything we hook in them, with an aspect that matches what we saw in Jon Prosser's leaks, according to Miguel López of the Applesphere Web Portal.

This is a brand new product from Apple, one more accessory for this Apple division to continue to see good growth figures. The idea is already known thanks to devices like Tile: thanks to its small dimensions, you can have them in objects such as wallets and keychains. Of course, you can also have them in backpacks, bags or suitcases.

AirTags Precision Locator

AirTags don't just use the Search network to be found. They also emit a signal that can be identified by iPhone 11 or iPhone 12. These two types of phones are equipped with a special chip called U1 that allows you to locate nearby objects. Both can display an indicator on the screen that will show where the lost object is located. Users will be able to follow the instructions (distance in meters and centimeters, direction indicated by an arrow) to reach the AirTag, according to Néstor Parrondo of the RevistaGQ.


What Can You Expect From AirTags?

This technology is not exactly new, the main difference is that AirTags integrate easily and effectively with the FIndMy app, available on any Apple device (iPhone, iPad or Mac). You can also connect to other nearby AirTags and other devices in the firm, and send the location signal to the accessory owner, according to the Entrepreneur medium.

These devices will use an Ultra Wide Band (UWB) chip that will allow them to be found more accurately. iPhone 12s already include this chip, but phones and other devices that don't have this technology will be able to communicate with AirTags via Bluetooth.

On the other hand, the analyst ensures that the size of the AirTags will be 32 millimeters in diameter by 6 millimeters thick, more or less like a coin of 10 Mexican pesos. That is, they will be smaller than their direct competition, Samsung's Galaxy SmartTags, but slightly larger than the Tile Sticker.

Anti-Harassment Measures, To Prevent Unwanted Traces

According to Eduardo Archanco of the Applesphere Web Portal, you might think it would be very easy to leave someone in the backpack or coat an AirTag to track them down. At the end of the day, we're looking at a small device that allows us to locate ourselves, as long as we're within reach of Apple's network. But that's what they've also thought about at Apple, because there are anti-harassment measures to prevent such non-consensual crawls.

Apple claims that the AirTag is designed to locate objects and not pets or children. Someone who used the AirTag with these intentions would soon find himself in trouble. You can take the device to the police and have them get apple's name, email, and more personal information from the owner who activated the AirTag.

Advantages of AirTags

According to GQ Magazine's Brown Nestor, AirTags are smart badges that by adhering to any object can make it easier to localize. If the 'Search' app on iPhone now shows the Apple products a user has, with AirTag you will also be able to display everyday objects such as backpacks, keys, wallets or even pets.

Each of these badges emits a signal that is recorded by any Apple device that is connected to the Internet. An iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac participates either by creating a search network and benefiting from it in the event of a loss.

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