Women Promoting Science on Their Successful YouTube Channels

Women Promoting Science on Their Successful YouTube Channels

Discover the best science YouTubers who will inspire you in many areas of research.

Discover the best science YouTubers who will inspire you in many areas of research.

Scientific dissemination is important. For a long time, knowing about science, even in an amateur way, was practically impossible. It was necessary to have basic knowledge about a university degree or to have the ability to read different papers, which were not easy to find.

The advent of the Internet allowed most research to be hosted online and ready for anyone to read. However, that did not mean that science was "friendly" to everyone: there was a lack of people willing to explain many of the concepts, and interest in science increased. 

Well, women are playing a very important role in scientific dissemination through the Internet. Although according to UNESCO, less than 30% of researchers in the world are women, many of them are encouraging others to start in these fields through YouTube. Let's get to know who they are and what they do.

Physics Girl

We start with one of the most popular. With more than 1.8 million subscribers, the owner of the channel is Dianna Cowern. She became interested in physics in high school, due to teachers showing her the interesting things that could be understood by studying this career. After having a college degree in physics, she decided to dabble in the world of videos.

Cowern investigates and explains physical phenomena that are very common in our daily lives. For example, the formation of rainbows, gravity with objects, and even explains how to generate a cloud in your mouth. Her goal, as she told in an interview with US News, is to make science attractive to women, because you can learn a lot of fun things with it.

Sally Le Page

A true digital educator. This British evolutionary biologist and science communicator has a Ph.D. from Oxford University, where she was in charge of researching sexual selection. Since 2012, she started creating videos for her own YouTube channel, known as Shed Science, which later became one with her own personal brand.

She is really ingenious in explaining biological topics. Through music, costumes, and animation, Sally tells about such important topics as behavior, genetics, evolution, or sex in a completely enjoyable way that anyone can understand immediately. She will awaken your interest in biology!


The Brain Scoop

Run by Emily Graslie, she is the senior curiosities correspondent at the Field Museum in Chicago and a former volunteer at the University of Montana Zoo. When she opened her channel, she had one big goal: to share some of the things she has in her collection, because science has its curiosities, too.

Among its most popular videos is a fish that looks like a real demon out of the underworld, but the truth is that it has a lot of very funny and surprising content. It's perfect for all those who want to enter the world of science in a fun way and without the need for many scientific concepts.

Simone Giertz

Another one of the most popular science communicators on YouTube. This Swedish woman is a true robotics enthusiast. Although she studied engineering physics at university, her main interest in electronics came in 2013, when she made a helmet to brush her teeth and then uploaded it to YouTube.

From there she became one of the leading exponents of robotics, with a channel that has more than 2.4 million subscribers. In many of her productions she explains how, thanks to her curiosity and determination, she manages to make different inventions to make them work in everyday tasks.

While she has had simple jobs, other fabrications can take weeks or even months, according to what she said in an interview with The Guardian. For example, she has made a lipstick robot, a machine that can cut any object or an alarm clock robot. They are all very interesting creations to see!

As we could see, there are many women who are dedicated to spreading science and making it accessible to everyone. We hope you can get inspired and discover new ideas!

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