The most fighters and protective mothers in cinema

The most fighters and protective mothers in cinema

In celebration of Mother's Day, which is approaching, we pay a small tribute to those moms who have broken molds on the big screen thanks to their unforgettable performances

In celebration of Mother's Day, which is approaching, we pay a small tribute to those moms who have broken molds on the big screen thanks to their unforgettable performances .

The saying goes that there is only one mother, and it is true. But when we move to the cinema we can realize that in reality there are an infinity of them, and always with something in common: the immense love they have for their loved ones. The big screen has also given this figure the importance it deserves, to which the directors build under their own image according to the context of the unfolding story. Fighters? Overprotective? Orthodox? Vengeful? Workers? Smart? Yes, there are moms of all styles.

One of the things that can be highlighted the most about the growth of the mother figure on the big screen is that, fortunately, those clichés that they only have to do housework have been removed. Taking care of the husband and letting them take charge of protecting the children is a thing of the past, since now it is more common for moms to have the ability to assume that important role. This, without a doubt, is closer to reality than to fiction.

As a small tribute to them in their day, here we bring you seven examples of the most fighting and protective mothers in cinema. Each of them showing a different face in the face of adversity, but always making it clear that without them the world would not be the same.

Leigh Anne Tuohy, on The Blind Side

Entrepreneur, intelligent, determined. Regardless of race or religion, good deeds always bring great results. The story of this mother, which is in fact real, has surely been an example to follow in various parts of the world. Opening the doors of the house to a homeless young man, sharing with him, giving him a good education, and later adopting him, are details that transform this woman into a true angel.

Grace Stewart, in The Others

Educated, strict, pious. Although she has very good qualities, the plot of the film also makes Grace a little lucid woman. Beyond the intensity, despair and fear that begins to arise inside the house with the arrival of "the others", this mother does not neglect her intention to keep her children protected at all costs, even without knowing it. that actually happens. In the end, after the incredible revelation, we realize that sometimes the truth can drive us crazy.

Manuela, in All About My Mother

Brave, devoted, resilient. When it comes to love, mothers do whatever it takes. Generous and very loving, Manuela has done everything to protect her son and build a good life for him, even lying to him. After he dies at only 17 years of age, she is plunged into deep sadness, although that does not demoralize her. In this Spanish film, the director shows us the image of a mother full of great courage and strength who is capable of caring for others as if they were her own children.

Beatrix Kiddo, in Kill Bill

Lethal, energetic, determined. Life is capable of hitting you thousands of times, but the duty is always to get up despite everything. Certainly, revenge is the main course of this film, so Beatrix Kiddo neither forgives nor forgets, especially when she knows that another life is beginning to grow in her womb. Her path, full of obstacles that she overcame, ends with the satisfaction of having that being who calls him "mom."

Sarah Connor, in Terminator 2

Fighter, strategist, savior. Actions in the past are always decisive in building a better character in the present. Sarah lived through it all and that made her a paranoid woman, whose sole mission was to protect and prepare her son for the dark future that was coming. If there is something that differentiates this mother from the rest, it is that, regardless of age, she will always be in the front row to defend her cause without having to wait for a hero.

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Wendy Torrance, in The Shining

Protective, loving, homey. This is, most likely, the profile that most closely resembles mothers in the world, the one dedicated to their home and family . However, things for Wendy take a drastic and terrifying turn, coming to portray the extent to which fear can influence a person. Central to the plot of the film, this mom teaches us that despite the terror that may be felt, it is possible to move forward with a spirit full of strength.

Erin Brokovich, in Erin Brokovich

Bold, hardworking, warrior. The fiction was set on the true story of a woman who was able to fight a giant corporation just for the well-being and health of a community. Having financial problems, difficulty finding a job, and also being a single mother, were not impediments for Erin to show that good people are always the majority. Added to this, we cannot overlook the fact that this mom also cares about ecology and the environment.

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