What Is the Key to Having Positive Relationships?

What Is the Key to Having Positive Relationships?

Is it possible to be happy in a lasting way as a couple?

Is it possible to be happy in a lasting way as a couple? A question that many of us have asked ourselves and that if we see the advantages of living with another person, it is a bet that is worth the investment to make.

A positive relationship has several ingredients to build a team that loves, supports, and helps each other to grow in different areas of life. Among the characteristics that the couples that work have we can find:

-The ability to listen carefully.

-An open communication style in which you have the freedom to act authentically without fear of being judged.

-Mutual trust and respect.


-Investment of quality time in sharing together.

Living well as a couple is not a fantasy of those that ends with “they lived happily ever after,” it is a shared decision that requires dedication and sustained effort to achieve the three goals of successful couples: friends, lovers, and partners.


-Being friends has to do with the ability to share and activate joy, a sense of humor, and enjoyment.

-Being lovers, connecting from physical pleasure, happy couples have more body contact of different types from a massage to good sex.

-Be partners: create a life project in common, have dreams together and work to achieve them.

As you can see, they are not difficult as they seem, are they? There are some challenges that we all experience when we share our lives with someone else, but they can also be overcome.

Acceptance of the difference

If you don't like someone different, marry you hahaha. What if you enjoy seeing the world with different eyes, discovering alternative ways to which you have always lived, it is not easy, but it can be a great way to say I love you without using words.

Bet on your dreams

See how you can support your partner to make that goal come true. What you can do from the basics to support with words, to take more forceful actions that allow you to move forward.

Make it easy

Living well is easier than living poorly. Check in which aspects you can be flexible. What actions can you take to create a good atmosphere and what surprise you can give to your accomplice in adventures to make him feel your love?

And a final reflection, love is not enough, it takes commitment, care, and investment of time and energy to make the magic happen.

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