Women Who Have Marked Milestones in Urban Music

Women Who Have Marked Milestones in Urban Music

There are many women who are having great success in the urban music genre. Let's meet some of the most important ones.

There are many women who are having great success in the urban music genre. Let's meet some of the most important ones.

The urban genre is beginning to have increased participation of women. Many of them come from Latin America and are releasing hits that are heard all over the world since they are not singers who are pigeonholed in a single musical genre but are encouraged to explore various artistic facets.

We can find them performing compositions of very famous urban rhythms, such as hip-hop, rap, pop, reggaeton, rap, and even rhythm and blues. If you still don't know some of the women who are achieving success in the urban genre, we invite you to do it right now. Go ahead!

Nathy Peluso

The Spanish-Argentinean artist is one of the most popular musicians in Latin America. She is one of the most eclectic musicians of this new generation, as she is not pigeonholed in a single rhythm, but has recorded works that cover such diverse styles, ranging from R&B, hip-hop, and trap, to swing, tango, jazz, or salsa.

Her recent album, released in 2020 and known as "Calambre," achieved immediate success. The specialized website Culture Collide indicated that this album received two Latin Grammy nominations, where one can perceive a Latin American influence from different countries, including the Caribbean.

Undoubtedly, one of the most important women of the new urban scene, with a very characteristic and unmistakable singing style. You should listen to her if you are passionate about the combination of different rhythms. 

Ambar Luna

Ambar Luna is a Chilean who managed to make history in freestyle, although her goal was to be able to sing. After presenting herself at the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos de Chile in 2019, she managed to qualify among the 16 best female rappers in Chile, in an unprecedented event for the music industry, as this territory was almost always dominated by men.

From there, she began to explore her facet as an artist, something she was able to achieve by signing with Nacional Records, which allowed her to record her debut album, known as "CARNE." For example, one of her most popular singles, known as "Trascender" narrates the experience of becoming an artist, where she sings in Spanish, but her backing vocals are in English.

This artist will make you fall in love if you like to see how freestyle improvisation can be incorporated into a careful and high-quality musical production.


Maria Becerra

This Argentinean woman has become a leading voice in the urban pop movement in Latin America. Only 21 years old, she began to gain great popularity among young audiences, where she has consolidated herself as one of the great artists of the new generation of local trap and reggaeton.

Unlike the previous women, her musical career emerged thanks to her consolidation as a YouTuber. In her channel, she performed different monologues and parodies, but she took advantage of her momentum to demonstrate that she also had musical abilities, where she took her first steps with renowned artists such as Lola Indigo, Tini, Duki, or Khea, which catapulted her to international fame.

Ideal if you want to listen to an artist who is becoming very popular and who releases danceable singles, with a classic pop-reggaeton style.


Unlike the previous ones, this Dominican woman has an extensive trajectory. That is to say, she is not only an artist with a good present, but she also consolidated herself as one of the queens of Latin trap, when there were still not too many women in this urban music scene.

More specifically, she has been in the industry since 2005, when she recorded her first song. Since then, she managed to captivate the audience with some of her hits, known as "Cotorra a Primera Vista," "Tú No Lo Sabe," "Tú No Eres De Mi Coro," "Ella No Se Enamora," among others.

You must listen to her if you want to understand how the importance of women in the urban genre has evolved over the years. 

Natti Natasha

Natti Natasha is currently one of the most important voices in the urban genre on the planet. Born in the Dominican Republic, she quickly became one of the most popular composers of reggaeton, Latin pop, and bachata, due to her catchy songs and her enormous talent with her voice.

At 34 years old, we can say that she perfectly balances her career (she started singing in 2010) with a great musical present. Throughout her career, she has received important awards, such as the Billboard, Tu Mundo Awards, or the Reggaeton Italia Awards. Undoubtedly, one of the most important talents of the urban genre.

You must listen to Natti Natasha if you are interested in the fusion of Latin rhythms in hits that play on all the radios.

We hope you've met the most successful women in the urban genre!

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