How Convenient Is It To Demonstrate Self-Confidence?

How Convenient Is It To Demonstrate Self-Confidence?

Is it possible to learn to have more confidence in myself?

Is it possible to learn to have more confidence in myself?.

"Is it possible to learn to have more confidence in myself?" A middle-aged woman asked me in one of my conferences and all the people around her looked at her in surprise, she was one of the most prestigious vice-presidents of her company and no one expected a question of this type coming from her.

Faced with the adversities that arise throughout a professional career or an enterprise, there is a common factor in women who manage to leave regardless of the sector in which they are and this is self-confidence. Not only to be perceived as someone safe but to really feel it within your being.

When we think about the famous glass ceiling, we see how gender expectations impact the way men and women are perceived differently, determination, independence, and self-confidence are expected from the former. While the expectations of women revolve around empathy, creativity, and social skills.

If we manage to break out of stereotypes, we find that women who achieve goals feel greater confidence and determination, even if the circumstances are not the best, which corresponds to having developed active coping strategies that allow them to respond adaptively to stress and grow, instead of freeze and run away. It sounds tempting, but how they did it and what we can do to raise our confidence level (a little more is never too much).


What things do you do well? There your talent is expressed and remember that we can extrapolate the skills of one area to others, for example, if you are good at speaking in public, behind is the communicative competence that you can activate in meetings, meetings with clients, or in casual conversations with your classmates.

Where did you go wrong? Identify the error, take out the learning and keep walking, stop seeing life in the rearview mirror or you are going to crash very hard. Managing the error as a good source of feedback is the smartest thing we can do and don't forget that from time to time you will make mistakes again. All humans do.

Improve 1% in something, what can you learn, improve, transform in your life? Being in control of a single aspect and making it better is one of the most effective ways to increase your self-confidence because your mind will think "if I can do this, I can do what I propose" then you need to update the mindset so that is at the level of your expectations.

To conclude, I want to tell you that talent is overrated, what really matters is the sustained effort one day at a time to feel that having greater confidence in yourself is not only possible but necessary.

Remember that you have the power to make this knowledge impact many other women, so remember to share it so that every time we are many more in this community.

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