Colombians Highlighted Among the Spanish Ranking of 100 Leading Women

Colombians Highlighted Among the Spanish Ranking of 100 Leading Women

The ranking of the top 100 Women Leaders in Spain, celebrated its ninth edition in a dynamic gala, organized by the Digital Magazine Mujeres & Cia.

The ranking of the top 100 Women Leaders in Spain, celebrated its ninth edition in a dynamic gala, organized by the Digital Magazine Mujeres&Cía.

This ninth edition of the ranking, which in the words of its founder Mercedes Wullich, seeks and finds female talent in every corner of Spain, highlighting well-known names. Chef and entrepreneur Samantha Vallejo Nágera, actress and film director Leticia Dolera and the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso are part of the list chosen, according to the Digital Magazine Mujeres&Cía.

Women Inspiring Leadership Through Their Actions

In the opening address, Mercedes Wullich urged women to be sentinels of our aspirations and not to tolerate the setbacks caused by crises around the rights we have won. We live in danger and that is why we have an obligation to train courage to defend not only our space but that the women who will come will claim us.

On the other hand, the inspiration also came from the hands of Mabel Lozano (documentary), Silvia Gil (Lieutenant Colonel of the Civil Guard), and Elena Betés (CEO of Penguin Portals), converted into top 100 honoraries. They starred in The Top Talks, a 5-minute testimonial format produced by Zelwa Storytelling, encouraging women to face challenges and pursue their goals to the end.


Closing the act, Mercedes Wullich emphasized that for an uncertain year that will remain at the heart of our lives, the role of women has been vital: "Thank you for the enthusiasm and generosity, and for recognizing the task that from Top 100 Women Leaders in Spain we tackle every year. Illuminating talent and multiplying the impact of 75,000 votes generates a virtuous, necessary and urgent circle."

Branding for Ana Sarmiento’s Talent

For years, Colombian Ana Sarmiento has been seeing the market and seeing that the business world and new generations are not there. Companies have a hard time seducing Millennials and Zetas and young professionals to find a company aligned with their values. That's why you apply doses of Branding to help them meet, as follows:

1. Creating Employer Brand strategies to attract professionals who will take your business into the future.

2. Developing your Personal Brand to attract companies that value your contribution.

Her methodology is as diverse as the places she has lived, and includes financial theory, research, branding, communication, and oriental techniques. Travel the world giving lectures and supporting Fortune 100 companies with leadership and engagement programs. She has customers in the US. USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, India, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Spain, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Uruguay, Costa Rica, and Venezuela, according to its website Ana Sarmiento.

Claudia Gómez Estefan, Co-Founder of the Senniors Platform

Colombian Claudia Gómez runs a company specialized in the care of the elderly and dependents, combining the human part with technology, with the aim that people can have a full life in their homes, that they can continue to live longer in their homes, and that their relatives are calm about the care they receive, those they can follow up on.

She managed to develop an active community with about 20,000 caregivers throughout Spain, 10,000 of them in Madrid. They perform many actions to generate community and a sense of belonging to Seniors. They reached agreements with Deloitte Legal to help many caregivers from social exclusion risk groups. Together, they work in partnership with the Adecco Foundation and Red Cross, among others, according to the web portal Business and Dependency Management.

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