The Power of Intuitive Decision Making

The Power of Intuitive Decision Making

The right decisions are not made but created. Our lives are all about the choices that we make.

The right decisions are not made but created. Our lives are all about the choices that we make.

There are three simple steps to liberating yourself from the doubt: notice your concerns, submit your problem to your inner authority, and catch the answers & ideas.

When you are in your head and overthink about different options, you miss entirely that part of you that whispers the answer. The actual solution always comes naturally.

An important note here: trust your gut instinct. Crunching the data is great when that option is available to you, but sometimes you've got to make decisions on the fly without much information. For times like those, put your gut instinct to work.

The clinical psychologist and author of "Biofeedback and Mindfulness in Everyday Life: Practical Solutions for Improving Your Health and Performance," Inna Khazan, revealed to Thrive the secret to make intelligent decisions. Here are four simple ways from the expert to trust your intuition and start making decisions without feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

1. Trust intuitive guidance when you are relaxed

Making an important decision can make us feel anxious, angry, worried, or even sad. However, letting our bodies and mind relax can help us to connect better with our inner selves. For making big decisions take a big breath multiple times and let your sixth sense guide you. If the answer is there, it will reveal itself when you are relaxed.

2. Think about the pros and cons

To make decisions, it's necessary to write down the pros (taking into account opportunities, experience, and knowledge) and cons (evaluating money, time, and relationships). Here are some benefits of the pros and cons exercise: it shows both sides, breaks down the negatives in individual elements and lets you make better decisions.


3. Use your critical thinking skills

Research information reduces uncertainty and facilitates the decision-making process. If you are unsure about your gut instincts, you can seek out advice. Your intuition can guide you towards an informed decision,  which data will allow you to gain perspective and have a better understanding of the situation.

4. Strengthen your intuition

Put your intuition into practice when making small decisions. For example, what are you going to eat for dinner or what furniture you should choose for your new apartment. The key is: don't worry about the "right choice," just let your inner wisdom guide you. Becoming comfortable with uncertainty is part of strengthening your intuition. Once you've mastered small decision-making, you'll have more confidence in yourself to use your intuition to make big decisions.

Make intelligent decisions by trusting your gut instincts. In stressful times decisions can cause stress and loss of self-confidence. However, it is crucial to connect daily with ourselves. A great way to achieve this is through meditation. Close your eyes and visualize the problem. Once you've done that, you'll be able to listen to those whispers that have all the answers inside of you. You might not like what they tell you, but if the solution will positively help you to improve your life, then stop hesitating and go ahead.

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