Top CEOs Teach You How To Delegate Assertively

Top CEOs Teach You How To Delegate Assertively

Effectively delegating tasks to your team is essential if you want to grow your business while creating more work-life balance.

Effectively delegating tasks to your team is essential if you want to grow your business while creating more work-life balance. It also encourages your employees to complete tasks efficiently and feel empowered.

Here are some delegation tips from four successful female CEOs revealed by Business Insider that you can use to be a better and more competent leader.

Rhea Wong

The founder of Rhea Wong Consulting has over a decade of experience as an Executive Director scaling up a nonprofit organization. She's sat in every seat from chief fundraiser to head janitor and understands what it takes to go from a dream to build a real, well-functioning, well-funded organization. Regarding her leadership, Wong told Insider, "Delegating is easier when I know I have a strong team behind me." With this quote, she highlights the importance of being surrounded by the right people. She is often called to help small nonprofits get the necessary money to fund their mission through her proven 5M system. There's no doubt about her delegating skills.

Meha Agrawal

Meha Agrawal is the CEO of Silk and Sonder, a self-care and mental wellness startup based in San Francisco, CA. Her company is between Batch 26 at 500 Startups Accelerator and has raised $650k from angels and micro-VCs. Meha revealed to the source, "I've found that putting in the time to find the best talent, the best fit for a role, and trusting that person is the biggest delegation tip you need." As well as Rhea Wong, Meha agrees that hiring a good and trustworthy team is the key to success. She finds this growth especially rewarding because she learns to deal with different personalities and extract the best from everyone.


Jia Wertz

Jia Wertz is a former fashion executive and now a documentary director and filmmaker well-known for her outstanding productions such as "Conviction." Jia became passionate about wrongful convictions after reading Rubin Carter's "The Sixteenth Round." She then began listening to the Serial podcast and knew it was her purpose in life to help those who have been wrongfully convicted. She admits that delegation has never been easy for her since she likes to work alone. Her tip for being a good leader is to identify those tasks that don't require your skills and hire a person that fulfills that work. Assigning tasks to the right people can make the work faster and more efficient.

Kristina Libby

Kristina Libby is a Chief Science Officer of Hypergiant and a creator of emerging AI-driven technologies developing world-changing commercial products and solutions for Fortune 500 and government clients. She is also the founder of SoCu, a company that brings together politics, art, and business to create movements. Her tip on how she learned to delegate is by "hiring the people who offset your skills and enable you to implement your visions." For Kristina, to better scale and succeed is crucial to hire resources that complement the founder's talent.

Delegate assertively in the workplace as an emerging leader can be very challenging at the beginning. Delegation can be daunting, especially when you tried to do it in the past and it didn't work.

This skill isn't something that's taught in formal education. Nevertheless, you can follow these tips to start building visibility and influence as a leader in your business.

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