Sisterhood, Key to Becoming an Empowered Woman

Sisterhood, Key to Becoming an Empowered Woman

Women in western society tend to isolate themselves and suffer in silence on many life issues.

Women in western society tend to isolate themselves and suffer in silence on many life issues.

When women experience problems and challenges in their lives, they isolate themselves. As a consequence, women internalize a lot of issues without the support of a community.

However, when you have a sisterhood, chances are there is another sister within that community with who you could share your challenges. In fact, when you lack the support of a community, you lose the empowerment that you need to overcome difficult situations.

Women carry so many things on their backs that they should not have to bear the burdens of all of the challenges that they go through alone. Sisterhood is extremely important because we all need someone to lean on, whether is family or friends.

Sometimes women live in a climate where they feel like they are each other's competition. However, instead of seeing other women as enemies, it's essential to recognize them as sisters. Authentic sisterhood is full of trust and respect.


The community that you decide to join should make you feel like you are being honored at any stage you are in your journey. After all, being a woman in a male-dominated world has never been easy. Actress Phylicia Rashād assures that "sisterhood is acceptance." But also understanding and compassion. Rashād explains that women are the foundation of the world and "where the women go, the culture goes."

It is good for us to come together as sisters to acknowledge each other with appreciation and respect. The actress explains that something happens inside each of us individually, which vibrates in our communities when we return to them. The power of sisterhood it's undeniable.

How To Create a Tribe of Women To Gather in Sisterhood With?

Murielle Marie is the pen behind the article titled "Why women need to gather in sisterhood. And how to create it for yourself." In her text, she reflects on the importance of women coming together in a male-dominated culture. Here are some tips from the expert on how to create a sisterhood for yourself:

-Be proactive: Instead of waiting for that wonderful woman to approach you, reconnect with the females you already know. Rebuild those relationships by getting in touch again. You can call them, send an email, or start a community. It's ok if some of them don't connect with you, try it anyway. You'll be delighted to find the benefits and inspiration that come from connecting with amazing sisters.

-Focus on women in social situations: If you go to a business meeting or a social gathering, get to know the women who attend those events instead of focusing on men. You can get new female friends from this experience. Choosing women that uplift you and love you, will allow you to have a powerful sisterhood in your life.

-Choose your new sisters intentionally: If you become the five-person you surround yourself with, make sure that those close bonds are meaningful and bring great things to your life and growth.

Before joining a sisterhood, it's essential to have a goal in common and not being afraid. When women come together, support each other, and achieve their goals, they become unstoppable.

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