Environmentally Friendly Clothes You Didn’t Know About

Environmentally Friendly Clothes You Didn’t Know About

We are all aware that fast fashion is causing tons of clothing to be thrown away every day and therefore having a detrimental impact on the environment.

We are all aware that fast fashion is causing tons of clothing to be thrown away every day and therefore having a detrimental impact on the environment.

This is the reason why various brands have been launching clothing items made of recycled and upcycled materials. Let’s explore some of these innovative clothing pieces.

First of all, it is worth highlighting that we should all consider second-hand clothing as an option when looking for clothing. However, when we can’t seem to find what we are looking for in second-hand shops, we can also look for new clothes made up from old materials. The good news is that several brands are doing upcycling, meaning that they use vintage clothes and resew them to make clothing, or they make a large portion of their clothes by using recycled materials. 

Both techniques are a great solution for avoiding tonnes of materials entering landfills and giving them instead a second chance to be reused and recycled. Let’s explore some attractive clothes that have been launched to take care of the environment:

1. Columbia OUTDRY™ Extreme Eco

OutDry™ Extreme Eco Jacket is made from 100% recycled fabric meaning, 21 plastic bottles. It is also dye-free, meaning that it saves over 13 gallons/ 51 liters of water compared to a standard, dyed jacket. Its labels, toggles, zipper pulls, thread, and eyelets are also made from 100% recycled content. 

2. Patagonia Recycled Wool Bomber Jacket

The Recycled Wool Bomber Jacket is made up of 60% recycled wool, 30% recycled polyester, and 10% recycled nylon. It is worth mentioning that the jacket is also Trade Certified™ Sewn.


3. Nike Space Hippie Sneakers

Nike used scrap materials obtained from their factory floors to make the Space Hippie Sneakers. The Brand claims that the result is the creation of Nike Footwear with its lowest carbon footprint scores ever. The upper part of the sneakers is elaborated from what Nike calls “space waste yarn,” which translates into 100% recycled material including plastic water bottles, t-shirts, and textile scraps. The outsole part is made from a mixture of standard Nike foams and 15% recycled waste rubber.

4.  Adidas Terrex Two Parley Trail Running Shoes

Designed for long-distance comfort and stability, these shoes contain a Primeknit sock-like upper featuring Parley Ocean Plastic up-cycled waste, intercepted on remote islands, beaches, coastal communities, and shorelines, preventing it from polluting our oceans.

5. Urban Outfitters Upcycled Pieced Denim Chore Jacket

The jacket is crafted from upcycled materials, organized in a patchwork style. It is trendy and environmentally friendly. 

The mentioned clothes serve as a reminder that various brands are already working to take care of the environment. Next time you go shopping try to find pieces that are made of recycled or upcycled materials, there are plenty of good alternatives. 

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