7 Successful Companies That You Didn’t Know Were Created by Women

7 Successful Companies That You Didn’t Know Were Created by Women

Currently, a different alternative of female entrepreneurship has been proposed, allowing more freedoms to those who develop it, taking human, creative actions to build something of value from nothing.

Currently, a different alternative of female entrepreneurship has been proposed, allowing more freedoms to those who develop it, taking human, creative actions to build something of value from nothing.

Women have created opportunities without having the resources available, only requiring a mission, vision, passion, and commitment to achieve that goal. That is why we show you 7 magnificent entrepreneurs who founded their own businesses with enthusiasm.

1. Ashley Qualls (31 years old)

Whaterverlife.com is a platform that provides designs and tutorials for people in MySpace, a simple design that you can be inspired by if you want to create something similar, especially now that social media is in our daily lives. However, it did not start with the purpose of becoming a profitable business, but as a hobby and a source of income, due to the number of users who started going through the website. That is why the young Ashley became a famous entrepreneur, reaching a very high economic entry for her digital space, and managed to become independent at the age of 17.

2. Kamila Sidiqi (44 years old)

Kaweyan Business Development Services (KBDS) is one of the leading companies that have operated in Afghanistan since 2004. It provides consulting services and has trained more than 10,000 women entrepreneurs. An organization run exclusively by women who have implemented a range of business and labor development projects, to support young entrepreneurs by creating jobs for job seekers in rural and urban areas of the country. So, when Kamila was just 19, she found this solution to hire and push younger, smart women.

3. Rashmi Sinha (45 years old)

SlideShare, is a web space of devices that offers users to upload and share in public or in private, slides in PowerPoint, portfolios, documents in Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word and OpenOffice and plain text instruments, and even audio and video formats. This is because it allows you to archive, publish and disseminate any type of information over the network. Originally, the platform was only for employees for the purpose of sharing information with each other, but later the audience expanded to become entertainment. In fact, Rashmi Sinha was able to carry a history of entrepreneurship that is recognized throughout the world.


4. Iratxe Elso (45 years old)

Iratxe Elso is the founder of Navegavela. Iratxe and Aitzol, bought their first boat to be able to sail with Ibón, a new crewman. Later, in 2005 they turned their great passion into their profession. Little by little they discovered that teaching people to sail is as comforting as sailing and it was transformed into a sailing rental company and a nautical school that has several classrooms, to teach nautical titles. They even have a sailing club. That is why Iratxe is a dynamic and active woman who develops communication tasks, protocol organization, and coordination of videos and reports. Its task is to liberalize and innovate so that the client repeats a private, unique, and exclusive moment on board, either with a partner, in a group of friends, or a large group called MICE.

5. Judi Henderson-Townsend (64 years old)

Mannequin Madness is the largest mannequin recycling and Disposal Company in the country. It is completely eco-friendly and has recycled mannequins, dress shapes, and accessories for retail chains. They also have a large selection of new mannequins for sale that we distribute to various manufacturers. In addition, they received a special award from the Environmental Protection Agency for diverting mannequins from landfills. In reality, Judi is one of the human beings with the best sense of opportunity, because she implemented the business when a clothing store near her house was about to close, she took the risk of buying all the inventory of mannequins, and then start a part-time business. Currently, Mannequin Madness sells, rents, recycles, and repairs everything that refers to these resin molds.

6. Sandy Lerner (66 years old)

Cisco Systems is a global company dedicated to the development, sale, maintenance, and consulting of telecommunications equipment, such as connection devices for computer networks; VPN security devices; IP telephony products; network management software, and equipment for storage area networks. That's why Lerner's Cisco revenue made her the first female philanthropist to emerge from the Silicon boom era. Since then it has funded a number of unusual pet projects, such as the cosmetics company Urban Decay.

7. Maxine Clark (72 years old)

Build-A-Bear Workshop is a one-of-a-kind brand that children love and of course, that parents trust. They hope to welcome the next generation, as children who grew up loving their friends introduce Build-A-Bear to their own children, who will no doubt create in their own memories. They are in search of a new opportunity for children at heart to experience a unique world of wonders and stories by creating Build-A-Bear-inspired toys creating fashion, entertainment, music, and games. That is why Maxine was a founder and is now a member of the social entrepreneurial board and investor in women's and minority businesses. 

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