Women in Professional Soccer

Women in Professional Soccer

Although women's soccer is becoming more and more important, the truth is that men's soccer still continues to be the most popular on the planet.

Although women's soccer is becoming more and more important, the truth is that men's soccer still continues to be the most popular on the planet.

Although we are used to seeing male footballers, referees and managers, this does not mean that there are no important women.

In fact, many of them are making big decisions at the managerial level and are even absolutely relevant to the performance of some of the best teams on the planet. We decided to check out some success stories and see what roles they can play.

Debbie Hewitt

One of the most recent and historic cases. Businesswoman Debbie Hewitt will become president of the English Football Association (FA) from January 2022, a fact that truly marks a before and after in soccer. In its 157-year history, this institution had never before had a woman president.

For those who do not know her, she is the current non-executive chairman of Visa Europe, the White Stuff clothing brand, and the BGL financial services group. For the past six years, she has also been a member of the board of The Restaurant Group, which she will leave once she starts her new role.

Basically, Hewitt will have to give "life" to the English institution, which is going through a critical financial moment. In addition to the failed Super League in Europe, the FA could have losses of 300 million pounds by 2024. Therefore, this passionate soccer fan will have to make decisions to improve English soccer from an organizational point of view.

Marina Granovskaia

One of the most talked-about names today. She is the second most important person in Chelsea of Chelsea FC, recent champion of the prestigious UEFA Champions League, arguably the most powerful team in Europe today, but possibly also in the world.

This "right-hand man" of Abramovich, the current president of the Blues, managed to make major investments. In the last 10 years, all operations bear his signature. For example, the hiring of the current manager Thomas Tuchel, the Nike clothing deal until 2023 for 1 billion euros, or historic transfers, such as Hazard to Real Madrid (for 115 million euros).

The 46-year-old Canadian knows all areas of her team: soccer, logistics, and economics. Without social networks, she is extremely discreet, but she has a plan to strengthen the London club. Basically, she is betting on long-term signings, with the aim of allowing them to develop and, over the years, to be sold at high prices.


For example, Chelsea's current winning team has very talented youngsters in its ranks, such as Reece James, Mason Mount, or Callum Hudson-Odoi, all projects from the youth ranks. Currently, it is mentioned that they could make a stellar signing: 200 million euros for Erling Haaland, 20-year-old striker of Borussia Dortmund and one of the best players of today.

Juliana Barbuto

Juliana Barbuto is another of the women who made history, although this time in Latin America. Basically, in 2018 she became the first woman president of Argentina's First Division. At 33, she is a surgical assistant, something that did not prevent her from serving as Banfield's highest authority.

Under her leadership, they sought to bet on a long-term project, where they would be able to promote a group of youth players, with the aim of improving the club's coffers, but also to achieve great results. For example, local talents such as Agustín Fontana, Giuliano Galoppo, or Martín Payero were the fruit of the work of the youth teams.

With the arrival of coach Javier Sanguinetti, they achieved a historic goal: to reach the final of the Diego Maradona Cup in early 2021. Let us remember that the only title in Banfield's history was in 2009 when they were champions. Under the presidency of Juliana Barbuto, they will try to repeat this feat, which seems to be getting closer and closer.

Sandra Rossi

Unlike the previous ones, Sandra Rossi does not have a very visible position, as her work is on an internal scale. However, that does not mean that she is not one of the most important figures in one of the best teams in Latin America: Marcelo Gallardo's successful River Plate.

With the arrival of the DT at River in 2014, Sandra Rossi, a sports doctor specialized in neuroscience, tried to improve and stimulate the sports performance of all professionals. Her role is to "train the brain," with the aim of improving decision-making in key situations.

Rossi works with specific software to optimize the reaction speed of athletes, who are always under stressful situations. The truth is that since the arrival of Gallardo and Rossi at River Plate, the team has become one of the best in the history of the institution.

As you can see, women are fundamental in men's soccer. We hope to see more and more of them in important positions.

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