Should You Practice the Slow Life Theory?

Should You Practice the Slow Life Theory?

Every time we run more and we live less, we are not present in the activities we do because the automatic pilot has seized every area of ​​our lives.

Every time we run more and we live less, we are not present in the activities we do because the automatic pilot has seized every area of ​​our lives.

According to Jon Kabat-Zinn, 48% of the time we think of something different from what we do and this inattention Chronic is making us sick. We spend our time anticipating what is going to happen next and we let the present moment pass by.

The philosophy of slow life came as an alternative that invites us to lower two lines at the speed with which we are living and its basic approach is that the current pace of life in the West is unsustainable and insane because it is focused on having and ignore being. We are immersed in a race to no destination, without stopping to savor the moments, places, and people with whom we share life and feeling most of the time the sensation of missing something to have or do.

Being aware is living the pleasure of savoring life as that extraordinary event that is happening at this moment, not yesterday, not tomorrow, if not here and now, and with this being able to have all the benefits that it generates.


You will have better physical and mental health, you will feel more vitality and energy, you will improve the quality of your family and social relationships, you will achieve greater productivity, you will even be able to positively adjust your finances or if you want to summarize it in one sentence you will live happier. To achieve it, I invite you to put the emergency brake on, stop and reset our confused minds applying my five keys to living a conscious life:

1. Wake up

Slow down and watch the everyday magic. Stop and look at that flower, that sunset, or feel the sound of the rain (this is a good start).

2. Return to the present

Become aware of the now through your seven main senses, the five that you already know, and two plus proprioception (how your body feels, your breathing) and interoception (how you feel, emotionally and energetically joyful, exhausted, energetic, etc).

3. Come home

You are one of nature's beings that is why contact with plants, animals, and natural places feels so good. Contemplating the majesty of it like this through a video or some images helps you to get into balance.

4. Silence

I am living. Dedicate a few minutes each day to the pleasure of silence, whether to meditate, breathe, pray or just calm down and you will see how your mind restarts with more energy.

5. Connect with the beautiful

Beauty makes you feel good and inhabits all places from your perfect fingerprints to the clouds, the sea, the flowers, the colors of your pets, or a masterfully interpreted piece of music, just search the beautiful and this will appear.

Look that nothing I propose is expensive or difficult, on the contrary, it is so natural and intuitive that once the tests it becomes part of you.

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