Exquisite Prose To Renew Your Bookshelf

Exquisite Prose To Renew Your Bookshelf

Did you know that reading a good book can change your life? The Woman Post brings you a list of the best female authors to fall in love once again with literature.

Did you know that reading a good book can change your life? The Woman Post brings you a list of the best female authors to fall in love once again with literature.

Reading helps you grow your mind, understand different ideas, communicate better, and increase your vocabulary. However, when it comes to a good book, the benefits are endless.

Picking the right book to start getting the habit of reading is crucial. Here are four books everyone should read at least once in their life.

We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

The book is an essay adaptation from a Ted Talk of the author in 2012. Chimamanda is a Nigerian writer with a very successful career. As proof of it, her work has attracted people from all over the world towards African literature. In her Ted Talk and essay, the author clears the concept of feminism, saying that it is not a social movement related to showing men inferior. Instead, it is one such moment that wants women to be given equal opportunities hand-in-hand with men. The book is very short and can be read in one day. Between the author's most impressive achievements, in 2018, Ngozi won a Shorty Award for Literature.

No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July

In her book, the author writes short stories that become into moments, tiny snapshots that July sits down in and pulls apart feeling by feeling with the level of patience and care that very few people would give to something seemingly so inconsequential. With each story, the reader starts watching the world the way Miranda July does. The author behind this masterpiece is a filmmaker and artist with a unique talent to touch people's hearts. Interestingly, July is the director and star of the films "The Future and Me" and "You and Everyone We Know."


A Woman Is No Man: A Novel by Etaf Rum

"A Woman Is No Man: A Novel" is a heart-wrenching story of three generations of Palestinian-American women living in Brooklyn, torn between their desires and the culture of their families. Etaf Rum wrote a beautiful novel about how a woman can break taboos and break free from patriarchal, misogynistic families. There's no doubt that this mesmerizing novel will take all your attention from the very beginning. Before becoming a novelist, Etaf was an English and Literature teacher at Nash Community College in North Carolina.

The Awakening and Other Stories by Kate Chopin

Kate Chopin was an American author who wrote the majority of her stories in the 1890s, and as a whole, they were generally critically well received. What made the story so scandalous in 1899, the year it was published, was that the main character, Edna Pontellier, subverts the gender roles of the time. The story is about Edna's awakening to her position in society and wanting more out of it. Between all of Chopin's work as a novelist, the outlier was "The Awakening," which was panned for lacking morality at her time and essentially bricked her entire writing career. It wasn't until the 1950s that Chopin's work came back into vogue, but at that point, it was already far too late because she passed away in 1904.

Make the most of your free time and start reading any of these books. You can find all of them in their audiobook version. Which of these authors caught your attention? Let us know by tagging us with the hashtag #TheWomanPost on social media. You can find us on Twitter and Instagram as @The_WomanPost, and on Facebook as The Woman Post.

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