Most Powerful Fashion Women in the Orange Economy

Most Powerful Fashion Women in the Orange Economy

The orange economy is a movement that drives culture and creativity for economic growth. Let's take a look at women fashion designers innovating in the creative economy.

The orange economy is a movement that drives culture and creativity for economic growth. Let's take a look at women fashion designers innovating in the creative economy.

After living the complicated year 2020, due to the health crisis of COVID-19 that forced us to confine ourselves and close libraries, movie theaters, museums, theaters, circuses, music and dance schools, and houses of culture, this without counting tourism companies, such as restaurants, bars and the entertainment industry in general. It even forced us to change the way we live, books, connectivity, digital media, and online shopping have become more relevant. That is why the United Nations (UN) called for the year 2021 dedicated to culture, innovation, and creativity with the aim of contributing to a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable world, focused on placing the economic, social, and environmental contribution in the creative and cultural industries.

On the other hand, according to the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE), the contribution of the orange economy to the national GDP was 3.2% and in terms of employment generated almost 600,000 jobs. However, creative activities face the worst scenarios in all sectors due to COVID-19.

Johanna Ortiz

This designer is clinging to her land has shown the world how cool Colombia can be. In addition, she has been the first Latina designer to make a collection with fashion giant H&M and included a solidarity arrangement in sales, so that all purchases would contribute money to a program to support women looking for a job. She collaborates and participates actively and in solidarity with associations of Colombian women and indigenous communities.

On the other hand, she joins her creativity with other Colombian jewelry designers so that they can jointly show their talent to the rest of the world.

Silvia Tcherassi

It is the pioneer in Colombian fashion, considered a true innovator, and the only designer brand with a Colombian home. She dedicated herself to being a designer, transformative, and with the elegance that characterizes her. Currently, she has bridal shops and workshops in the United States and a renovated store in Colombia, as well as a home wear line, a hotel, and soon, a perfume.


On the other hand, she is always in the search for quality. For this reason, Tcherassi uses her own fabrics with Italian seal, Spanish footwear, and other international manufacture. However, she is very loyal to her roots and the colors of her land.

Blake Lively

It is consolidated as a style icon inspiring many women, visionary in the world of the web, due to her site focused on lifestyle. Her first garment is a piece of retro and ladylike inspiration. In addition, fashion design has long been a dream of the actress, who is determined to open up in the field. Currently, she has made the masculine suit her formula where she also wears designs from her brands, along with Lorraine Schwartz jewelry and the result is colorful looks that recreate elegance.

Victoria Beckham

The designer brought out her autumn-winter 2021/2022 collection and is one of the first to introduce digital fashion. Her strategic vision is to recognize where you are right now and where you dream you're going to be. Victoria's pieces are cuts that are between the waist and hip and range from the tight to the haberdasher. In addition, the materials are lightweight and alternate with thicker ones varying the color palette from the neutral to the explosive of the floral prints. The important thing for this fashion designer is to combine the concept of the practical and the beautiful, uniting utility with dreaming.

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