Great Apps for Remote Work

Great Apps for Remote Work

The COVID pandemic has taught us many lessons. One of the greatest ones is that we can work efficiently from home.

The COVID pandemic has taught us many lessons. One of the greatest ones is that we can work efficiently from home. Although we have become accustomed to working remotely, many tips can make our lives easier.

Those who currently work from home, are familiar with some of the challenges that one must overcome when working remotely. For instance, managing your schedule can be difficult as well as setting clear limits between work and personal life. Distractions may also be a problem at home, as well as social isolation and reduced supervision. The Woman Post gives you some interesting tips to tackle the inconveniences that come along with remote work.

1. Todoist

This one is a great app when it comes to managing tasks and to-dos. It has various intuitive features. Once you download it, you can easily access your lists from anywhere. Every time you include a new task on your laptop, you can receive reminders on your Apple Watch and iPhone.

2. Mural

If you miss brainstorming in teams or groups, Mural is a close substitute to physical gatherings where you could share ideas with colleagues. It even has a timer to help you stay on your schedule and a chat for a quick talk.

3. BreakFree

If you feel like you are always connected to your devices and this could interfere with your personal life, this application can track how long you are spending on your phone. Being aware that you are connected for too long, is a first step for working on your health and productivity.

4. Calendar

This free app uses algorithms to learn your schedule and interactions to automate meetings and other events. It can send updates when there is a schedule change and it integrates with other calendars such as Outlook or Google Calendar. The paid version comes with unlimited scheduling slots and phone support.


5. Noisli

This app, helps you solve the problem of not being able to focus due to the noise at home. It provides background sounds to mask any noises that bother you at home and helps you stay focused. 

6. Officevibe

This app offers a great way to monitor people’s satisfaction and happiness. Team members constantly get direct messages to answer questions about their mood and feelings towards their team. The answers can be sent anonymously to the team directors.

7. Forest

If you feel like you get easily distracted by your phone, this app removes the phone distractions that can make you less productive at work.

8. Seven

If your work demands you to stay seated for too long, seven is a great option. This Handy-exercise app challenges you to do a quick and intensive seven-minute workout, combining cardio and strength.

9. Tide

This is an app for meditation, that combines peaceful backgrounds, with motivational quotes and relaxing melodies.

10. Kudos

If you are not sure how to keep your team motivated and provide feedback, this app helps you to do so by rewarding team members with a point-based system and e-gifts or gift cards. You can also carry out team celebrations.

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