Companies That Succeeded in Following Digital Transformation Trends

Companies That Succeeded in Following Digital Transformation Trends

In a world totally burdened by the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is absurd to live without true digital reasoning to transform digital projects constantly.

In a world totally burdened by the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is absurd to live without true digital reasoning to transform digital projects constantly.

This innovation requires accelerating the digital transformation to digitally connect with customers and employees to achieve success. However, digital maturity and economic performance derive from enabling improvements in efficiency, revenue growth, product and service quality, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement, including driving a greater focus on growth and innovation. In addition, it is still considered that a balanced approach to investment is required to achieve higher levels of digital maturity.

The Digital Maturity Index of Companies 2020 – 2021 of INCIPY revealed that 74% of companies have accelerated their Digital Transformation Roadmap. 62% have increased their budget reserved for technology and Digital Transformation projects due to the COVID-19 health crisis with an orientation towards digital business and the digital link with its employees and customers as a key purpose of the digital strategy for 2021. In addition, only 11% of companies operating in Spain are innovative or disruptive. Concluding with a growth of 10.4% of investment in technologies and services destined to digital models, generating a current degree of digitalization of companies operating in Spain around four vectors: strategy versus organization, customer-centric, digital business, and people.

On the other hand, the study conceives 12 digital transformation trends for 2021, which are the following:

1. Values, humanity, and sustainability.

2. Digital culture.

3. Flexible work.

4. Omnichannel and multichannel.

5. Personalized digital experiences.

6. Connected customers and employees.

7. Rise of e-Commerce.

8. Data-Driven.

9. Automation.

10. Artificial intelligence.

11. Digital learning.

12. Digital acceleration.

Here are some companies with digital transformation.



Zara is a company that has greatly improved its methods through digital sales by implementing some innovative e-commerce techniques in a competitive market. It has achieved this through processes that allow them to obtain and collect detailed information on the behavior of its consumers. However, this ability has allowed them to significantly increase their sales and have greater control of the value chain.


It is a producer of transmission technologies for the automotive industry, with manufacturing and processing centers in the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Ecuador, in which it has begun its Digital Transformation process. The consummation of this technology allowed them to eliminate techniques that were executed manually, as well as reduce production times. Currently, all processes are integrated for greater and better visibility of the business, emphasizing timely decision-making.


Uber is a technology company that provides facilities, through its app, with a large group of private drivers who find people who require safe and reliable travel. The interested party connects with a private driver, who takes the user to the destination. They only offer a technology platform for driver-partners to increase their performance and for users to find safe drivers.


It is a company that is in the search to retain its customers through a closer experience. That is why it incorporated a crowdsourcing platform, called Lego Ideas whose purpose is to potentiate the innovation of its products. In addition, if a user's proposal is valued and ends up as a winner, that person receives 1% of the revenue generated.

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