5 Ways To Boost Your Personal Brand

5 Ways To Boost Your Personal Brand

Personal branding is a prerequisite for professional success right now.

Personal branding is a prerequisite for professional success right now. If you are the best at what you do, but nobody knows you and knows about your talent, you will hardly find opportunities to excel.

It is no longer just a matter for influencers; on the contrary, it is a way to communicate your skills, express your achievements and share your knowledge, or in other words, to show the world the things that you are capable of doing.

I can tell you that ninety percent of those who consult me ​​once they adjust their personal brand improve their profile, develop a good reputation, and access interesting opportunities that they previously considered out of their range, and this not only applies to those who are entrepreneurs but also for those who are part of a company and are looking to grow within it.

So where do you start? What do we have to do to make magic happen? I share some practices that will give that first push to start having a powerful personal brand:

1. Discover Your Superpower

Recognize your strengths, there are many ways to do it, from checking that you are good at it, asking people close to you, or analyzing the performance evaluation they made you at work.

2. Create a Reputation for Being Authentic

Express your points of view, remember that women have the challenge of overcoming the "enigma of similarity" which supposes that women should be nice, warm, and empathetic, and when we break this pattern, when making a difficult decision, sharing a strong opinion, or acknowledging our talents, we are often penalized for that behavior in a way that men would not. Therefore, do not fear being disapproved, whatever you do you will be criticized and nothing happens that is the price of being successful.


3. Expand Your Network With Valuable Contacts

Connect with people from other sectors and interests different from yours. It is common to fall into what Harvard sociologist Robert Putnam called union capital and refers to the fact that we share with people too much at the end and this limits our growth.

4. Don’t Work Hard

Before you give up reading, let me tell you that "hard work" is overrated, what you need is a plan to organize what you are investing your energy and attention in and a strategy to demonstrate your talent, with this you can make it clear that you can be effective and have life after work.

5. Make Yourself Visible

Show your talent both online and offline. If you like social networks, these are an excellent way to connect with like-minded people, whether in professional networks such as LinkedIn or more informal like Instagram, both are scenarios to express your talent u share your knowledge. If you are more traditional, look for projects where you can share your ideas or start your own blog to position your point of view.

Launch yourself to express your personal brand, whether by creating content, attending events, or participating in online networking, the first step is the most difficult to take, but once you do it, the others come easier.

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