5 Jobs That Will Build a Sustainable Future

5 Jobs That Will Build a Sustainable Future

We all know that our planet is facing an environmental crisis and we need to start acting to mitigate its effects. Green jobs are necessary to shape a sustainable future.

We all know that our planet is facing an environmental crisis and we need to start acting to mitigate its effects. Green jobs are necessary to shape a sustainable future.

The Woman Post introduces you to different ones with their responsibilities and contributions to a clean environment.

First of all, it is important to mention that green jobs are those that contribute to a more sustainable planet, by recycling, conserving energy, or reducing pollution. Some of the targets of green jobs are to reduce greenhouse emissions, decrease waste and pollution, improve energy, restore ecosystems, or ameliorate recycling systems. All sectors of society such as energy, food industry, transportation ore ven education can contribute to a more sustainable world. Let's explore some of the career paths that can direct your skills and passion towards creating a more sustainable future.

1. Urban and Regional Planners

We have noticed throughout time that planning is important to accommodate people, create communities, and build facilities in cities and metropolitan areas. The creation of green spaces is also fundamental to improve air quality and to provide recreation and tranquility for people. The role of urban and regional planners is vital to maximize the use of space and to protect the environment.

2. Wilderness Restorers

Human impact is everywhere, not only in cities but in agriculture and logging. Extinctions are becoming frequent, because of human expansión and misuse of resources. If we aim for a more sustainable future, we need to reduce human expansion and protect native plants and animals. This is why ecological restoration skills are so important.


3. Environmental Engineers

This occupation plays an important part in making our planet a healthier place. Some of the tasks of environmental engineers are to control air and water pollution, conduct hazardous-waste management studies, and evaluate the importance of hazards relating to the field. They are also involved in finding ways to minimize emissions and therefore global warming.

4. Electric Vehicle Technicians

According to Clean Energy Canada, the green transportation sector will be one the largest green sectors in the next decade. This means that technicians who specialize in electric vehicles will be a great asset to mitigate the climate crisis. Additional to electric cars, we also need to redesign our cities so we don’t have to drive as much.

5. Hydrologists

This green job helps to preserve the environment and to find groundwater. Hydrologists work with engineers, scientists, and public officials to study and plan the water supplies. In general terms, they work to solve water-related problems and to find water supplies while controlling soil erosion and flooding.

In the last years, many people have made efforts to build a greener planet since we have become more aware of pollution and its dramatic consequences. Increased awareness of the environmental crisis of our planet is leading industries to adopt more environmentally friendly practices. A green economy will improve our health while also reducing environmental risks and catastrophes, so what are you waiting for to explore jobs that will help shape a more sustainable future?

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