5 Buddhist Books To Raise Peaceful and Kind Children

5 Buddhist Books To Raise Peaceful and Kind Children

These stories based on Buddhist teachings will help children manage their emotions better and live a full life.

These stories based on Buddhist teachings will help children manage their emotions better and live a full life.

Buddhist teachings can impulse children to discover their spirituality and inner world in a healthy and fun way. Most of these tales are written in simple and beautiful ways. After reading them, your kids will be able to understand and learn more deeply about human values and ethics. Here are some of the best Buddhist books for your children to feel more connected with the world and themselves.

1. The Secret to Clara's Calm by Tamara Levitt

Clara makes friends with Brodhi the Bird and learns to calm her temper through meditation. Buddhist meditation is the first step to start living a wiser, kinder, and calmer life. This practice brings endless benefits for children, including anxiety relief, boosting self-awareness and self-esteem, sleeping better, and increasing self-confidence. Meditating and learning this vital tool as a child will pay endless dividends for years to come. This is a great book to teach your children one of the most wonderful practices of Buddhism.

2. Under the Bodhi Tree: A Story of the Buddha by Deborah Hopkinson

This beautifully written tale is a "timeless story of a child whose search for peace reshaped the whole world." The book is ideal for children between 4 to 8 years old. The illustrated book will teach your kids Prince Siddhartha's story while he was a boy in the palace with meaningful and simple life lessons. This illustrated biography of Buddha is a great way to teach your children to disseminate spiritual wisdom and the beautiful world of this great peace master.


3. Dorje the Yak by Caryn Hartman

According to Goodreads, "A small yak goes on a trek through the Tibetan mountains searching for the legendary snow leopard hoping he'll help Dorje discover his strengths." This is a tale of triumph over adversity. With "Dorje the Yak," your children will learn about resilience and the importance of listening to their inner wisdom. As stated by Awareness Place, "Written in both English and Tibetan, it is a powerful visual story of Tibet and its culture for children."

4. When the Buddha Was an Elephant: 32 Animal Wisdom Tales from the Jataka by Mark McGinnis

The Buddhist Jakata tales are simple lessons in living with compassion, honesty, and wisdom. These stories have the power to transform the hearts of those who read them. The book includes stories of Buddha's past lives that have enchanted children for millennia. According to Goodreads, "Their animal characters powerfully and sometimes humorously demonstrate the virtues and foibles to which we humans are prone, and they point the way to more enlightened ways of living." These tales have a beautiful, poetic, and accessible language ideal for children.

5. The Day the Buddha Woke Up by Andrea Miller

As a meditation practitioner herself, Andrea Miller, wrote this book as a beautiful introduction for kids who don't have any information about the story of Buddha and his experience of enlightenment. "The Day the Buddha Woke Up" is the story of Buddha's life and teachings for very small children. The essential point of this tale is that true happiness is possible, and it's achieved not through material success but through enjoying this moment and being happy with the present just as it is.

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