Juana Plata the Hispanic Voice in the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences

Juana Plata the Hispanic Voice in the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences

She is the first Hispanic woman to serve on the board of directors of SOVAS.

She is the first Hispanic woman to serve on the board of directors of SOVAS. It is a recognition of high invoice by the entity in charge of awarding the awards with the rank of 'Oscar de la Voz' in two annual events of great importance for producers, agents, and broadcasters.

Juana Plata's position at SOVAS (Society of Voice Arts and Sciences) opens a window for her to make Latin cultures and their wonderful coincidences and differences known to the world: "It fills me with pride as a professional and I receive it with humility as a person. I was considered to represent Spanish-speaking voices worldwide in this non-profit organization. Latinos make a big contribution to the entertainment industry."

She has also been fortunate to be the first woman to win the award for best television promo: "It is a pride for me because among the nominees were very recognized voices that deserve all my respect and admiration."

Writes Her Own Story

Juana Plata is Colombian, she was born in the capital, Bogotá, and among her slogans, she maintains a very punctual one: Never forgetting where she comes from and where she is going. More than two decades ago she decided that her second land would be the United States and she moved to Atlanta where she lived for 25 years. Since a few months ago, she is a citizen of New York. She is a business administrator with an emphasis on entertainment industries and senior management.


She carries in her blood the locution for being the daughter of the renowned man of communications in Colombia, Armando Plata Camacho, but she decided to write her own story, signed in her own name and she has done so although, of course, she never forgets her Latin roots or the cradle where he was born. She did not want to make a career between microphones but fate had other plans: "My dad's footprints are very big but I decided to go my own way."

Professional and Humble

Her career began at Univision as director of Public Relations and her practice led her to the presentation of programs and coverage of events. Although she never graduated as a social communicator from the Javeriana University of Colombia, moving into these settings was natural for her.

Her path has another professional stop on TV Azteca scheduled for her, but after a brief stay at that company, Juana Plata made another drastic decision, to stop for some time to dedicate herself to her adolescent daughter.

Returning was not easy, but on the advice of her father, she directed efforts to the field of speech from which she never left her again.

"Manuel Herrera, a great reference in voice-over in the United States, has been my mentor. I have met fantastic people, I have been the voice of famous brands but I am aware that I am not a brand, I am and will always be Juana Plata. I work with professionalism and humility."

Corporate communication has been its banner as well as e-learning: "I also do commercial speech with the permanent awareness that a client hires me to give a message in the correct way so that the recipients make decisions." Her current challenge, making promos for television.

Dreams Don't Come True Magically

Juana Plata does not believe in fame. She is a consecrated broadcaster who sees professional practice as a career to which she gives herself 100%. Nothing has come to her for free and that is why the advice that she can give to her fellow Latinas is so valuable: "Latin American women grow up with many limitations due to our culture, although I recognize that it is a situation that, fortunately, has changed. We all have dreams but for them to come true it is not enough to wish for them but to prepare. Nothing can be gained without hard work. I do not believe in good luck but in preparation because if a good opportunity comes to you and you are not suitable, good luck does not work. You have to train, work hard without losing your bearings or forgetting where you come from."

Opportunities for female presenters in the United States are more and more numerous "because companies have understood that women have gained power and we make decisions when buying well if we are alone or with someone. We also guide our lives as we want, some do not want to marry or be mothers and others choose the opposite. That's fine," explains Plata.

Juana is a warm woman, with a sincere laugh. She loves animals, takes care of her voice, exercises, and avoids dairy, coffee, chocolate, and flours. She is the proud mother of Daniela Plata, a 23-year-old girl who works as a flight attendant at Delta Airlines.

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