8 Ways To Teach Children To Care the Environment

8 Ways To Teach Children To Care the Environment

Many simple actions can be taught to children and can make large differences for our planet. 

Many simple actions can be taught to children and can make large differences for our planet. 

We are all aware by now, of the negative outcomes that can result from not taking good care of our environment. Doing so doesn’t necessarily mean making huge investments in renewable energy or installing solar panels in our homes. 

We must raise children to love the environment and to be willing to live, work and play in ways that won’t compromise the needs of future generations. However, before mentioning interesting and easy ways to instill environmentally friendly habits in children, it is important to highlight that the best way to teach children is leading by example and therefore kids that have witnessed how their parents are respectful of nature, will tend to be more conscious in their actions. 

The following advice will allow you to gradually teach your children to take care of the environment daily:

1. Teach Them To Give to Others the Clothes and Toys They Don't Use Anymore

Teaching your kids to share and to give away their toys and clothes to others in need, is a simple way of extending the life-cycle of things. It also teaches them empathy and to take care of our planet. 

2. Start a Garden With Your Children

For a start-up kit, you only need window-box herbs and to prepare a corner of your backyard. You could even plant tomatoes and then involve your children again in cooking when your harvest is ready.

3. Go Walking or by Bicycle When Possible

We all know that it is not necessary to arrive at every destination by car. When going for short distances, take your kids by bicycle or walking, this will help them to learn by example.

4. Teach Them To Close the Tap When Bathing or Brushing

Without water, no life would be possible. You can even use stickers or notes to remind them to always closet the faucet when brushing or soaping.


5. Remind Them To Turn the Lights Off

Teach your children that their toys don’t require the lights on, and it is important to turn them off once they leave a room. Making stickers or notes is a good way to create reminders for your children.

6. Ask Them for Help When Classifying Recyclables

Teach your children with creative pictures outside of bins, to classify recyclables. If you take them shopping, you can even explain to them how to choose products made from recycled ingredients.

7. Go for Experience Gifts

When planning for your kid’s birthday, ditch the toys! Research has demonstrated that experiences make us happier than material things. You can opt for giving them a nice card with an invitation to a holiday or a camping experience.

8. Always Go for Recyclable Containers and Cloth Napkins for Lunch Boxes

Make sure you don’t pack children’s lunches in zip locks. Always prefer recyclable containers. Instead of using paper napkins, you can pick colorful cloth to wash at home.

As parents, every day we have an opportunity to cultivate in our children a respectful and caring relationship with the environment. Let’s not waste it!

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