Take the Risk of Unleashing Your Creativity

Take the Risk of Unleashing Your Creativity

If you are human you are creative, let alone, it is part of our human nature and a superpower that we are rediscovering in recent times.

If you are human you are creative, let alone, it is part of our human nature and a superpower that we are rediscovering in recent times.

Before we saw it as a divine gift that only some "blessed" had and it turns out that mere mortals like us can unleash that wonderful capacity and benefit from the advantages that the practice of creative thinking has in all aspects of life.

Enhance Your Ability To Solve Problems

By expanding your capacity for cognitive flexibility you will be able to see new nuances that you had not considered before and this will make you much more effective when solving problems.

Reduce Your Negative Stress

Whether you immerse yourself in painting, music, writing, or dancing you will have a space to refresh your neurotransmitters by focusing your attention and your energy on doing something that makes you flow. Being creative makes us happy. Art is exciting and I would dare to say that it can be classified within the practices of active meditation. Thus leaving aside the stress and who knows if, in the middle of your Zumba class, you will find the answer to that topic that has had you restless for weeks.


Greater Self-Knowledge

When you allow your mind to act without limits is the moment when you are more authentic because you are not responding to the socially established, but you give your mind wings to fly high and create imagined things.

Yes, I know you must be thinking that it sounds very nice but that in real life it is a little more complex than it seems. It all starts with letting go of small actions that help you expand your curious and determined version. When you start to explore the creative world you see how not only you feel much better, but flow in different aspects, and one of them is your personal security.

Knowing that you are exploring new directions you are not afraid of being wrong, hence one of the cures against perfectionism is creative thinking because you do not know what will come of your attempt and this allows you to see the error as feedback and grow without pain.

Here are some micro-steps to launch yourself into the creative adventure:

-Experiment with new things: Learn about a topic you don't know, discover new flavors, sounds or movements.

-Colors affect how our brain works: Surround yourself with blue and ideas will flow.

-Dare to be disruptive: Make mistakes quickly, learn from them, reinvent yourself and keep growing.

-Decide to be a better version and update your mindset.

-Never stop learning is the foundation of innovation.

-The sensitive ones adapt to the world, the crazy ones change it.

-A new normal demands a different way of looking at life.

Incorporate the actions that you consider appropriate for your way of being and then expand a little what you consider challenging and move forward little by little and suddenly you will be surprised seeing yourself as someone who enjoys creativity as a lifestyle.

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