The World of Graphic Design Seen by Women

The World of Graphic Design Seen by Women

There are many women in the art world who have done amazing work as graphic designers. Will you join us to meet them?

There are many women in the art world who have done amazing work as graphic designers. Will you join us to meet them?.

Graphic design is one of the activities where women have done great work. Throughout time, many of them have made incredible artistic works that have marked a before and after in different fields. For a long time, they belonged to advertising agencies that requested their services. 

We could see this decades ago, where they were the generators of the image of large advertising campaigns, always with a vintage style. Nowadays, many of them do 100% virtual work, with a portfolio that everyone can visit through social networks. Join us to discover some of the most important graphic designers. 

Paula Scher

Perhaps one of the most recognized in the history of graphic design in the US, she was the first director of the Pentagram design agency. She studied at the Tyler School of Art in Pennsylvania and graduated in 1970 when she moved to New York, where she began to make history.

With several important works, such as CBS Records or Atlantic Records, she has her own style inspired by Art Deco and Russian Constructivism. Some corporate identities, such as Windows 8, were designed by her. She also created thousands of books, advertisements, and album covers.

Her style is perfect for those who love photographic and avant-garde illustrations. 

Jessica Hische

We move on to another American graphic designer, albeit with a very different touch from the previous one. She specializes in lettering, which is the art of designing letters with unique and striking styles. Well, since she graduated in 2006 from the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and started working freelance for a studio. 

However, she was being exploited with a high demand for work that she did not like. So she decided to take on assignments that only excited her. There was one that changed her career: Penguin's book cover designs. From there, she generated a unique style and went on to work with Apple, Barack Obama, Facebook, Honda, American Express, Victoria's Secret, Nike, Adobe, or West Anderson. 

Her work will inspire you if you have always been fascinated by letters and how they can represent ideas and feelings. 


Debbie Millman

Also American, this graphic designer studied at the University of Albany, with a Bachelor of Arts degree. In her professional career, she was the host of the podcast specialized in this area, known as Design Matters, as well as author of 6 books and president emeritus of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA). She was also the editorial and creative director of the popular Print magazine. 

The truth is that, under her name, she has worked on the redesign of more than 200 brands, including Pepsi and Nestlé. Her work not only focuses on corporate visual renewal from an aesthetic point of view but also from a commercial one, as she understands the marketing logic behind each creative decision.

Without a doubt, you will be interested in it if you want to see how graphic design is combined with art. 

Olimpia Zagnoli

Of Italian origin, her work stands out enormously in social networks, as is the case with Instagram, where she stands as one of the professionals with the most interesting profile in terms of portfolio. Precisely, all her work maintains the same style, with flat colors without lines that give it a minimalist touch. 

Graduated from the Instituto Europeo di Design in 2006, she managed to work with major companies, such as The New Yorker, Google, Vanity Fair, The New York Times, or The Guardian. Many of her works tend to emphasize the figure of the woman, whom she paints in different ways and in pensive attitudes.

If you are interested in simple, yet colorful drawings, you will love the works of Olimpia Zagnoli.  

Leta Sobierajski

Based in New York, she is a freelance art director and designer. Since 2016, she has created her own design studio with her husband, Wade Jeffree. She has worked with Gucci, IBM, Tate Modern, Bloomberg, among other major companies. In addition, she lectures all over the planet. 

She studied at Purchase College in New York and since 2013, she started working in motion graphics. However, she got tired of that "structure" and decided to generate a revolutionized style, where she combines an amalgam of crazy ideas, where objects and bodies are combined, achieving transgressive works.

It is perfect if you want to see a more experimental graphic design with a great aesthetic and ideological value. 

We hope you liked all these graphic designers! 

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