“Women and Business Agility Summit 2021”: Leadership and Equity

“Women and Business Agility Summit 2021”: Leadership and Equity

Recognized women in the business world during the month of July and August will share their vision and experiences through virtual scenarios.

Recognized women in the business world during the month of July and August will share their vision and experiences through virtual scenarios.

Their names and professional activity are inspiring references. They are accompanied by successful men who believe in teamwork to achieve better results in any project.

At the great digital event "Women and Business Agility Summit 2021," which includes conferences, workshops, and networking to teach new skills and foster confidence in women, several speakers have been invited who are worth listening to and knowing because they are willing to share their experiences and describe the paths they have traveled to reach important positions in different business instances:

Marcela Perilla, President of SAP at LAC North, technology solutions company.

Saida Ortiz Sedano, President of North of South America at Vertiv.

Isabel Cristina De Avila, Managing Director .CO of MinTIC.

Joanna Prieto, Co-Founder of Geek Girls LatAm.

Carolina Angarita, CEO of Carolina Angarita Enterprises.

Sally Elatta, CEO and Founder of AgilityHealth.

Yolanda Gil, Value Delivery Officer at the Colombian Stock Exchange BVC.

José Sánchez, Business Agility Coach and Cofounder of Agility Changes.

Contributing to the closing of the labor gap between men and women is the great purpose of "Women and Business Agility Summit 2021," a meeting in which the women attendees will leave with concrete answers to their questions and specific tools to apply in their jobs and move up, regardless of whether they are entrepreneurs or collaborators in a company.

"Women and Business Agility Summit 2021," inspire interested women who can register by clicking here to participate on July 22 and 29, and August 5 and 12 from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Activities Include

-Four keynote speakers with inspiring stories and keys to achieve professional and personal success.

-Two workshops with agile tools and methodologies to apply in life and at work.


-One discussion with leaders who share leadership guidelines for women in the business world.

-Discussion and networking spaces.


Those who promote this wonderful agenda are Innovus Business School, WomenIT, and Agility Changes. The Woman Post spoke with Carlos Fernando Suárez and Giovana Romero, a couple who believe in gender equality and in the successful work that men and women can carry out together: “We focus on executive training and our clients are companies that want to train their collaborators. At Innovus BS we have several lines of action such as skills for the present and future of work and the empowerment of women through resources, skills, and tools to better develop their work.”

They also have social purposes in projects such as WomenIT, a community that, according to Carlos Fernando Suárez, "works to close gender gaps in science, innovation and technology scenarios."

Giovana and Carlos are parents of a 3-year-old boy. Through their professional practice, they show the world that it is possible to carry out a common project for which each one contributes their own and complementary strengths and capacities.

“In Latin America, fortunately, there is an interesting movement that inspires women to break down cultural barriers and prepare more and more to acquire skills and abilities that allow them to access relevant positions within companies. Just as men have been part of the problem, we must be part of the solution and understand that the world has changed and that we must contribute to housework on equal terms. Household responsibilities are not a gender issue and neither are they at the business level. It has been demonstrated that women in leadership positions contribute a lot to the growth of organizations,” comments Carlos Fernando Suárez.

Events like"Women and Business Agility Summit 2021," help make these goals a reality. For the attendees, the organizers have planned prizes that give free access to training and a digital kit that includes a summary of the conferences, readings, and tools provided by the speakers.

It is a meeting to be inspired through the stories of women leaders, successful and referents, learn how agile methodologies offer powerful tools to empower leadership with exponential results and receive tools to develop agile capacities and enhance the skills of women who seek to break schemes and accelerate their professional development.

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