3 Things That Can Affect Your Credibility and How To Fix It

3 Things That Can Affect Your Credibility and How To Fix It

Credibility is your best cover letter. Having this clear is essential to achieve a solid personal and professional brand.

Credibility is your best cover letter. Having this clear is essential to achieve a solid personal and professional brand.

There are people who consider that credibility is something intuitive and that it is not necessary to plan the care of it and it turns out that this can work against you because small actions can affect your reputation and you may not even know it. If you want to consolidate an image positive keep reading.

There are three behaviors that at first glance may seem harmless, but if you don't regulate them they end up damaging your image, that's it's important to review them to understand how to prevent or remedy them:

1. Not Keeping Your Word

When you are in the middle of a conversation, it is common for people to commit to tasks that if they do not write them down or keep them in mind then they will forget and it may be something of no importance to you, but you do not know how the other see it person. If you are approaching the deadline in which you promised to do something and you know that you will not be able to comply, the most appropriate thing is to talk to the person and define a new date explaining your reasons. Do not leave it to the last minute.

Hack to be fulfilled: Before giving your word, check your agenda, quickly take stock of how long the task in which you will commit yourself will take you, and add a couple of hours more so if you deliver it before you will be like a queen and otherwise you will have that extra time to get it right.

2. Being the Eternal Nonconformist

Nothing is useful to you, you complain about everything and in any situation, you amplify the negative factor. This type of behavior makes you look like a stone in your shoe, there is nothing wrong with expressing different emotions, but don't express yourself that way. It does not mean that you have to stoically endure what happens only that there are many ways of expressing that it is not necessarily the complaint.


Hack to boost your good vibes: Recognize the different nuances of a situation before complaining, look for alternatives, learnings and take a deep breath. This allows you to expand the panorama.

3. Act Like the Drama Queen

Emotions are magical. I have always believed that they are like the spices that flavor our lives, but have you ever tried a meal in which they got out of hand with pepper? It goes from being delicious to exaggerated and that can precisely happen to us when we do not regulate our emotional responses. We end up tiring the people around us when we see ourselves falling into overflowing tears because the printer crashed. I know it is annoying, but it's not the end of the world.

Hack to have emotional strength: Apply emotional agility by reviewing the following questions: What do I feel? Naming the emotion reduces its intensity by 50%. How can I respond to this upset, sad, or unfair situation? Will this what's happening matter to me in two weeks? What is the hidden lesson in this situation? Practicing these questions in current situations and reviewing past events will help you reprogram your mind to be stronger emotionally.

If you have noticed that you have any of these behaviors, do not worry. Better take care of solving them and applying the hacks that I leave you so that you become that improved version that you can be, and remember to share this content with your friends so that we are increasingly promoting female emotional intelligence.

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