Let’s Talk About the Versatility of Avocado

Let’s Talk About the Versatility of Avocado

Every July 31, International Avocado Day is celebrated, a wonderful fruit that nature has as a gift for all human beings. Its contributions to health, beauty, and gastronomy are invaluable. 

Every July 31, International Avocado Day is celebrated, a wonderful fruit that nature has as a gift for all human beings. Its contributions to health, beauty, and gastronomy are invaluable. 

Avocado gives everything, it is infinitely generous and, fortunately, it grows in abundance in leafy trees in many countries of the world.

No role is too big for avocado. It can be the protagonist in salads where it boasts its flavor, green color, and creamy texture, as an accompaniment to soups, perhaps as a dip that gives flavor to bread and toast, or as the main ingredient in a delicious milkshake. It is a fruit of incredible versatility for which it has earned a rightful place in the world where it is consumed daily by millions of people who recognize its delicious flavor and health benefits. For that reason and for much more, every July 31st is celebrated as International Avocado Day.

Where did avocados come from originally? Its origins are located in Mexico. The geographical signs that record it in the pages of history, rescue evidence of avocado consumption in a cave in Coxcatlán, Puebla, Tehuacán region, 10,000 years before Christ. Traces of the fruit have also been found in Guatemala.

The Spanish, in colonial times, knew the benefits of avocado and did not delay in taking it to America and Europe. Cultivation techniques allowed different species to be obtained that today the world enjoys such as Hass, Fuerte, Bacon, Zutano, Rincon, Mexican Creole, and many other varieties.

Green, creamy, delicious, moist, and easy to consume, the avocado is the fruit of a generous tree with abundant leaves, which grows comfortably in warm places but adapts to other climates if necessary.



Many nutritionists worldwide recommend avocado as part of dietary guidelines for its ability to provide vitamins such as B1, A, C, and E to the human body. Some, however, warn that people with allergy problems should consult a specialist about the amounts of this fruit that they can consume per day. It is good to know, additionally, that a serving of 100 grams of avocado contains 160 calories, so it would be necessary to review the number of leading episodes in the daily diet.

Its beneficial components for the body include potassium, fiber, healthy fats, and minerals. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, keeps the heart-healthy, and is ideal for athletes as it relieves tension in the tendons and works to heal injured muscles during training.

Not only its meat is usable because a study carried out by Pennsylvania State University concludes that the avocado pit contains compounds that could be used by pharmaceutical laboratories in the manufacture of anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs to relieve muscle pain.

Contributions to Beauty

Thousands of women in the world take advantage of the benefits of avocado as an ally in their dressing table for its ability to smooth the skin of the face and the ability it exhibits to fight against dandruff, which brings life and shine to the hair.

Many laboratories that endorse recognized cosmetic houses, aware of the benefits of avocado, use it in the manufacture of makeup remover creams and bases to apply makeup, sunscreens, moisturizing lipsticks, bath oils, and masks.

Quick Recipes

Avocado is the savior of those who want to enjoy fast food that does not take time from work, rest or fun! These are easy and delicious recipes to taste in a few minutes:

Bacon and Egg Stuffed Avocados Tuna and Avocado Salad:

-Cut 10 strips of bacon into squares and fry until golden brown. Cut 4 avocados in half and extract the seed.

-Sprinkle the avocado halves with lemon to prevent oxidation and set them aside.

-Place a raw egg in each half of the avocados and top with pieces of the reserved bacon and mozzarella cheese.

-Preheat the oven to 180 ° C. Take the avocados to the oven and leave for 15 minutes.

-Accompany with toasted sliced ​​bread.

-Cut a large onion into thin julienne strips.

-Cut two red tomatoes into slices.

-Remove the pulp from two ripe avocados and cut into slices. Bathe with lemon.

-Uncover a can of tuna in water or oil and shred.

-Mix all the ingredients and serve with a dressing of your choice.

Today is a good day to celebrate the birthday of avocado for its presence in our lives, its flavor, and its benefits!

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