How To Spend Great Vacations at Home

How To Spend Great Vacations at Home

If you could transform your home into an office or even into a classroom, why can’t you turn it into a spa or a cinema during vacations?

If you could transform your home into an office or even into a classroom, why can’t you turn it into a spa or a cinema during vacations?.

We are all living in times of uncertainty combined with strict limitations of mobility, social distance, and even scarcity in terms of economic resources. All of these factors may lead us to postpone vacation days. However, resting is fundamental for staying in optimal health conditions, and even more after a year that has brought emotional difficulties as well as stress. Therefore, vacations represent the perfect opportunity to modify our daily activities for a while and take a breath from the routine.

Since many of us have been affected by several complications related to the current pandemic, taking a time off seems more necessary than ever. Vacations shouldn’t necessarily mean going away or spending time with many different people. It should be more about wellness, time to relax and disconnect from our regular activities.

You may be wondering how to plan for your next vacation given the uncertainty that we are all experiencing. How to relax when your usual ways of taking vacations seem more complicated? Or how to meet with your loved ones when we are afraid of getting COVID-19? The Social Cognitive Theory by Albert Bandura may be helpful in this respect. The mentioned author highlights the importance of believing in your capacities to achieve your goals. This is called self-efficacy and it is deeply related to the ability that humans possess to follow objectives.


If we were all able to turn our homes into adequate working spaces or even into classrooms for our children, why can’t we transform them into spas or cinemas? The Woman Post invites you to reflect upon the activities that please you and that can be carried out inside your home. It is even possible to select the people you love the most to generate an encounter with them, following all the necessary precautions.

Although all of us experience different contexts and circumstances, we all have one thing in common. We don’t require beaches or fancy vacations to take a break. We should generate awareness and empty places that used to be crowded to take care of humanity during the pandemic. Our current vacations could be a great time to spend with our families in the coziness of home and to plan with our loved ones, for some activities to relax and enjoy our time together. Creativity will be our best tool, to generate new spaces at home.

Taking turns for the kitchen and home duties, and scheduling time for resting is also fundamental when it comes to planning for vacations at home. It is also vital to keep in mind that in times of uncertainty, flexibility and improvisation are of great importance and that we should make an effort to be informed about the best ways to take care of ourselves and our families during the pandemic. Your health will benefit from taking a vacation even if this time is spent at home! 

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