Rihanna: Wonderful Singer and Billionaire Businesswoman

Rihanna: Wonderful Singer and Billionaire Businesswoman

Since releasing her last album, Rihanna has created an empire with her Fenty fashion and beauty lines, expanding into many different avenues.

Since releasing her last album, Rihanna has created an empire with her Fenty fashion and beauty lines, expanding into many different avenues. Thanks to her impressive business skills, the beloved singer has officially become a billionaire.

Fans of Rihanna have been anxiously awaiting new music from the artist for over five years. Her last album, "Anti," came out in 2016, but since then, Rihanna's focus has been on her businesses, including her makeup brand Fenty Beauty and lingerie brand Savage X Fenty.

While fans are all craving new music, Rihanna really has been killing it as a businesswoman. So much so that Forbes just revealed that she is officially a billionaire, with her net worth reportedly clocking in at a whopping $1.7 billion.

This massive net worth makes Rihanna the wealthiest female musician globally and the second richest female entertainer behind none other than Oprah Winfrey.

According to Forbes, Rihanna has earned the most from Fenty Beauty, with the outlet reporting the brand is worth $1.4 billion. Forbes also added that $270 million also comes from Savage X Fenty, and the rest is from her music career.

And while Rihanna just reached this major milestone, she's only just getting started. Last week she announced that she'll also be dipping her toe in the fragrance industry, hashtagging #FentyParfum in her recent post.


Fenty Beauty's Instagram page revealed that the fragrance would be available from August 2021 on the brand's official webpage.

But that's not all. Earlier this year, Rihanna also filed for a Fenty Hair trademark. As of now, it remains to be seen what Rihanna will do with that trademark, but naturally, fans are excited about all of it.

Rihanna is working very hard to provide her fans and the general public with the best makeup, lingerie, perfume, and everything in between.

New Music on the Way?

Every so often, the Rihanna fans receive the slightest hint that new music by RiRi is coming soon, and all chill is lost for a hot second. After being notably tight-lipped about any updates over the past few months, Rihanna teased a musical resurgence while celebrating her "Anti" album's major milestone some months ago.

As many fans are well aware by now, "Anti" is home to many of RiRi's biggest hits, including "Needed Me," "Love On The Brain," and the song containing literally one lyric that lives rent-free in fans' minds: "Work."

Naturally, this album called for a major celebration. Hence, Rihanna took to Instagram to share a video collage made by a fan who noted that "Anti" has officially spent five years on the Billboard 200, which happens to be the first album by a black female artist to reach this milestone in the chart's history.

RiRi shared the post, writing, "grateful to the most High for putting die-hard supporters in my circle #Anti #WomensHistoryMonth congrats to everyone that contributed to this era, thank you, team."

Fans think this is her way of saying that she still loves music, and they can expect more surprises soon.

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