7 Inventions That Point to the Sustainability of Our Planet

7 Inventions That Point to the Sustainability of Our Planet

Many people are working towards using technology to improve lives and to take care of our planet.

Many people are working towards using technology to improve lives and to take care of our planet.

We all know that all of our activities and daily lives have an enormous impact on the environment. From driving to work to buying take-away coffee and even replacing cellphones and buying new trendy clothes. But is there hope?

Let's explore some interesting inventions that aim to reduce our impact on the Earth:

1. Drones That Can Pollinate

Our food and drinks are highly dependant on pollination since it allows plants to reproduce. It may surprise you to find out that 75% of the world’s crops are produced thanks to pollinators such as bees or butterflies. The sad part of the story is that insect pollinators are vulnerable to an extinction threat. This motivated japan researchers to test drones for pollination. This invention requires more testing, but it is still very promising!

2. Organic Burial Pods

Every year, four million acres of wood are used to construct coffins. This is why two Italian artists decided to make burials more sustainable. The name of the creation is Capsule Mundi and it is a biodegradable container that allows your body to turn into the seed of a new tree when you die.

3. Edible Water Bottles

Skipping Rock Labs is the name of the London-based startup that is encapsulating water in clear membranes made out of seaweed. The seaweed does not have any taste and can be eaten along with the water. However, what is more, innovative is that the seaweed is compostable so you don't have to eat it unless you want to do so for the experience.


4. Biodegradable Bullets

Ordinary bullets can take hundreds of years to biodegrade. Additionally, they contain components that pollute ecosystems. According to the  US Environmental Protection Agency, this is the reason why military sites are extremely polluted. As a response, the US Department of Defense is asking for bullets that contain seeds to grow food for animals.

5. Caterpillars That Eat Plastic

Researchers from Cambridge University were the ones that revealed this interesting finding. Moth larvae can chew through plastic. But, why is this discovery so important for the world? Up to 40% of the world’s ocean surfaces are covered in plastic. This endangers marine life because it may be ingested by animals and they can even end up trapped in plastic waste.

6. AIR-INK Pens

We all know that the quality of the air we breathe in cities is not the best. This is why  Anirudh Sharma, founder of AIR-INK created “pollution-filled pens” that collect soot from the car exhausts. Then, the dangerous toxins are removed and raw carbon is left. It is then processed to make black ink and sold as a normal pen.

7. Toothpaste Tablets

Toothpaste tubes are not environmentally friendly and they contain stabilizers as well as preservatives and sanitizers to spot bacteria from growing inside. Bite toothpaste bits are bite-size and they look very similar to pills They do not contain chemicals since they are dry and don’t require preservatives. 

These inventions serve as examples that many inventors are helping to ensure the sustainability of our planet. What are you waiting for looking for the most sustainable way to carry out all of your daily activities? If you make some simple research, you will always find eco-friendly substitutes to many products on your shopping list.

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