New Women Leading Coworking in Latin America

New Women Leading Coworking in Latin America

The constant transformation of workspaces has generated countless coworking in Latin America.

The constant transformation of workspaces has generated countless coworking in Latin America.

Today, this trend has emerged unexpectedly, to ensure innovative workspaces. However, some professionals are still not clear on how to venture into this world. In addition, it is more difficult for the female gender to find a space in the market, due to the diversity of ideas that flow in the age of technology.

According to a 2020 Global Coworking Growth Study, it reveals data to create more efficient spaces. The purpose is to provide texts and tools on coworking. The considerable increase in labor practices has determined the coworking market.

Impact That the Pandemic Has Had on These Spaces

The analysis indicates that worldwide 4,698 were created in North America, 170 in Central America, 1,235 in South America, 5,858 in Europe, 912 in Africa, 5,889 in Asia, and 660 in Oceania. These figures generated a total of 19,422 coworking spaces, in 2019. Despite the COVID-19 health crisis, it has been a harsh impact on all sectors. However, expectations are quite positive for 2021, with an increase of 21.3%.

On the other hand, it is expected that in the year 2024 the exceedance quota will approach 40,000 coworking. With the numbers that the research throws up, it is considered easy to foresee that coworking will become the boom of trends.

Professional Women Occupying Coworking Spaces

Executive Woman magazine in its 45 years of the Executive World Group published 40 women leaders who claimed coworking in 2021. The Woman Post invites you to meet this new female generation that with their excellent trajectory strengthens the spaces of coworking in different disciplines and sectors.

Ophelia Pastrana: Influencer

She is a woman who consolidated her leadership as an influencer and with her voice in various social networks, transforms her into a heterogeneous, independent, and empathetic young woman. This Colombian is one of the best content creators in the world of social activism. Her hard work is recognized in the media and through the female gender. In addition, she notes that it is curious how inclusion is addressed. Diversity is natural, and the problem is the people who exclude.

Paulina Abascal: Chef and Founder of Dulces Besos

It is the woman who creates experiences with diverse tastes and aromas, through her feelings. She is an entrepreneur with great recognition in the gastronomic sector. That action has given her the opportunity to reinvent cakes with unique flavors. The work has brought her many delights as a person and professional. In addition, she expresses that she is very happy to sweeten more lives.


Pamela Cerdeira: Journalist

She is a woman who has a stable but very determined attitude. She recognizes with emphasis the way to change the discourse in the spaces that direct the news. The editor seeks to make the voice of the female gender heard in the streets and raise their voices for their rights.

Karen Carrillo: Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine

She is a professional who develops a high disposition for what she does. Throughout her career, she has invested economic and human capital to provide care for patients' requirements. She is a woman with impeccable integrity who seeks to express her feminine voice in various spaces to achieve her goals. The leader benefits from other people's health in a positive way.

Karina Del Río: Integral Dentist

She is a warrior woman, strong and firm who depends on nothing to achieve triumph. The leader has an entrepreneurial character and it is clear that opportunities and slips are part of the experience.

In short, professional women are required to meddle in coworking spaces. The inclusion of the female gender in these areas is the key to the evolution of this transformation.

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