Podcasts That Carry the Digital Voice for Spanish Speakers

Podcasts That Carry the Digital Voice for Spanish Speakers

Whether you like philosophy or comedy, movies, or live news, it is now possible to find all of these topics in the best podcasts for Spanish speakers.

Whether you like philosophy or comedy, movies, or live news, it is now possible to find all of these topics in the best podcasts for Spanish speakers.

As with every list, the following one that The Woman Post will provide you, is under constant construction, which is why it is always important to remain updated in terms of entertainment options. However, you will not regret reading about this podcast selection, since one or many of its options could be attractive for you.

1. Niñas Bien (Comedy)

This podcast, by Pamela, Andrea and Fernanda was launched during spring 2020 in Mexico City, meaning that it debuted during the quarantines of the COVID pandemic. However, soon after its first episode, it turned into one of the most popular podcasts for Spotify users.

During its second season, the podcast creators have talked about many topics of interest, such as sex without taboos and modern love, making the audience feel like in a conversation with friends. The special touch is added by humour and by the irreverent tone of its authors.

It is worth highlighting that this podcast was nominated for the MTV MIAW 2021 awards.

2. Dixo (Current Issues)

In March 2021, this podcast collection, created by Dany Saadia, celebrated its 15th anniversary, with more than 5,000 productions launched concerning different topics, from science fiction to nutrition.

Under the name “Dixo Originales”, Saadia includes programs such as “Los 100 millones”  which is a dystopic fiction series, “Leyendas del rock,” which explores the most iconic rock bands in Spanish, and “Marcela Basteri: silenciada en Vida,” which talks about the mysterious disappearance of the mother of Luis Miguel (Singer).

3. Solaris (Essays)

Solaris is an original podcast, authored by Jorge Carrion, writer for the New York Times and Professor at the University Pompeu Fabra. This interesting podcast will make you question the limits between the present and the future. You will have access to conversations on the fields of science and technology, philosophy and narratives that form part of a series of 6  essays available in audible format.

Solaris makes part of Podium Podcast Productions and they recently launched the third season in June 2021, in which Jorge Carrion takes the audience on a journey to explore topics related to big data, artificial intelligence, the therapy culture. Jorge also speaks about Amazon, Facebook, and Youtube for the audience to understand more about these platforms.


4. Se Regalan Dudas (Lifestyle)

In every episode, Lety Sahagún and Ashley Frankie welcome experts in various fields, as well as people who they admire, to solve questions concerning several topics, such as what are constellations?, or why is it necessary to give more visibility to paternity.

The Project of this Mexican group was born in 2018 and soon it became a very popular podcast in all Latin America. It can be found exclusively on Spotify and every episode lasts about 50 minutes.

5. Las Raras (Journalism)

This podcast is authored by Catalina May, a journalist from Chile,  and Martín Cruz, Chilean as well, who is a sound engineer. Las Raras is an independent product that narrates what they call non-fictional stories and that allows space for feminist voices that are not usually welcome in traditional newspapers. Here you will find a mixture of topics, such as environment, art, education, love, and human rights.

Every episode lasts about 20 minutes and includes the real-life stories of many of its invited protagonists and guest speakers.

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