Let’s Talk About the Biggest Actresses in History

Let’s Talk About the Biggest Actresses in History

On International Actors' Day, we want to commemorate the most important women in the film industry and recommend their best works of art. 

On International Actors' Day, we want to commemorate the most important women in the film industry and recommend their best works of art. 

Every day we watch incredible women on our screens, who allow us to escape our real lives for a little while. Today we want to recognize their work by exalting the ones who have won more than one Oscar in the best actress category, a milestone only achieved by 44 actors in history.

Katharine Hepburn

This American actress is the only person ever who has ever won four academy awards in acting categories, all in Best Actress. Her movies include Morning Glory, Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner, The Lion in the Winter, and On Golden Pond. She received 12 nominations during her career.

Ingrid Bergman

This Swedish actress is considered one of the most influential actresses in history, with iconic rules such as Ilsa in Casablanca. Her three Academy Awards for Best Actress were obtained with Gaslight, Anastasia, and Murder on the Orient Express. 

Frances McDormand

A contemporary actress who won her last Oscar just these past 2020. With six nominations, she has earned the Best Actress title three times: with Fargo in 1996, with Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, and last year with Nomadland.

Meryl Streep

Often considered the most important actress of this generation, Streep has won three Oscars with an outstanding record of 21 nominations. She earned Best Actress with Sophie’s Choice and The Iron Lady, and Best Supporting Actress with Kramer and Kramer. 


Bette Davis

With over 100 acting credits, she was the first person ever to achieve ten nominations for the Academy Awards. She won two of them, with Dangerous and Jezebel.

Cate Blanchett

With a known versatility that goes from The Lord of the Rings to Elizabeth, she is one of the most known actresses of the past decades. She has earned 7 nominations and won two times: Best Actress with Blue Jasmine and Best Supporting Actress with The Aviator. Funny enough, this second Oscar was earned by interpreting Katharine Hepburn, the actress who holds the most wins in the Academy Awards.

As seen, the range of actresses who hold more than one Oscar is extraordinary. The list also includes Jane Fonda, Jessica Lange, Maggie Smith, Elizabeth Taylor, Jodie Foster, and lots of other women who impacted the world with their amazing interpretations. But the Academy Awards are not the only way to appreciate the role of actresses. Even more important, the title of EGOT is awarded to the people who earned an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony. Only 16 people hold this record and four of them are women.

Helen Hayes

She won an Emmy, a Grammy, two Oscars. and two Tonys. Five of her six awards were given because of her acting skills.

Rita Moreno

This Puerto Rican actress has won two Emmys, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony. Her work is outstanding as a Latino woman who has always been involved in fighting for immigrant rights.

Audrey Hepburn

She earned one of each award, becoming one of the most famous actresses in history with iconic roles in movies such as Roman Holiday and Breakfast at Tifanny’s.

Whoopi Goldberg

This Afro-American performer earned one of each award, becoming the only black woman to hold this recognition.

Barbra Streisand and Liza Minnelli can also be considered for this milestone, but one of their awards was not competitive but honorary for their outstanding careers. 

Sometimes while watching movies we do not notice how important the recognition of the actresses is. Hopefully, this list of some of the most important ones can express gratitude for the time they have invested in giving us excellent performances. 

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