Women Mayors of Moldova, a Sign of Growing Empowerment

Women Mayors of Moldova, a Sign of Growing Empowerment

In Moldova, women raise their voices against violence and offer political leaders.

In Moldova, women raise their voices against violence and offer political leaders.

Today, women play a key role and seek challenges to strengthen democracy. However, they have very little political representation and the increase is insufficient in such intervention. Although COVID-19 seriously affected female participation, they continue to fight to consolidate the requirements of greater inclusion. That is why, with the degree of technological and digital advancement that exists, it is possible to achieve gender parity before the year 2063.

A recent study on women's leadership and political participation reveals that representation is low at all levels of decision-making. In addition, the figures reflect that only 21% held ministerial positions. The data collected show that 119 countries have never been chaired by women, only 10 nations have heads of state and 13 have heads of government. That is why achieving gender equality has become a focal point in politics.

Mayor Elena Neaga of Balasesti

The young leader works to challenge gender stereotypes, where she shows a feminine ideological criterion during the health crisis. The actions of this noble leader have managed to obtain not only the trust of all citizens but also their support. Her work as a medical professional allowed her to give a quick response to the community, on the issue of COVID-19. In addition, she managed the purchase of an ambulance so that patients from 7 communities could mobilize with due caution.

Neaga is the mayor of the Balasesti community, Singerei, and with her political leadership, she strives to provide a better future for the population. In addition, she is a young woman with ideas for innovative programs that increase social and cultural participation. Her career in politics has only been for 3 years, but it points to her great ability to lead her people.


Mayor Tatiana Galateanu of Giurgiulesti Village

The political activist faced many restrictions and serious bans regarding the religious beliefs of the sector. However, she is looking for ways to transform that ideology after having a professional career abroad. It is inspired by what she lived in other countries and the possibility of achieving change by having a political leadership in the community is not exempt. In addition, she inspected the work of the Rehabilitation of the Health Center and the donation of two pieces of equipment of technology for blood tests. This initiative is an added value that emerged during the health crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic.

She is the magistrate of the Sarata Veche community, Falesti, and has achieved great efforts in building relationships with her collective. Their leadership is exercised prudently to assist community members with innovative solutions.

Mayor Maria Galit of Sarata Veche

This woman is a role model in rural sectors and ensures the intervention of community members. Her actions solve difficulties such as the correct selection of solid waste, the supply of drinking water, and the management of wastewater. In addition, she managed the investment for a new kindergarten, for the children of women who are constantly working for a better future.

Successively the rural sector has had several mayors, Galit being the third. Her program seeks to meddle more young women who want to support female leadership, as a response to COVID-19, according to UN Women's official website.

In short, women in high positions must work together with men to find lasting and sustainable solutions. That is why women need to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals before 2030.

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