Crypto Art: The Digitization of the New Latin American Art

Crypto Art: The Digitization of the New Latin American Art

The fashion of this booming digital phenomenon has made sense in some women who want to venture into art.

The fashion of this booming digital phenomenon has made sense in some women who want to venture into art.

The new artwork exhibitions have combined the requirements of women artists with blockchain technology. The art sold has the essence of the originality and legitimacy of the artists and begins in the growth of its value. That is why the success of this new modern world has emerged, in which it provides an innovative perspective with spaces created for its production and sale.

Recently a new idea was born by Martín De Pasquale; he designs and creates the NFT platform with the name "Museum of Latin American Art (MALa)," oriented in digital art publications. This space has the collaboration of more than 100 outstanding artists and links them with collectors from all over the world. In addition, it has become extraordinary support for digital plastic artists and with the possibility of earning money with their works. The platform has had more than 95 thousand sales in the last month worth approximately 73.5 million dollars. It also generates more than 7,400 sales transactions per day; this reflects an important number in this new evolution.

The recent study "Hiscox Online Art Trade Report 2020" reveals that the online art market has greatly increased buyer confidence. The COVID-19 health crisis changed virtual sales and gave way to 54% of the Millennials generation and 60% of buyers demonstrating their interest in buying and selling arts. In addition, 82% of new collectors bought projects between March and September 2019. 53% of Millennials purchased works at auction. These actions brought positive prospects for online marketing.

On the other hand, online art sales generated 4.82 billion dollars in 2019. However, in the first quarter of 2021, the sales of Christie's, Sotheby's, and Phillips generated 370 million dollars, 5 times higher than in 2019.

Camila Fierro: Woman Leader in Crypto Art

She is an expert and digital artist who is causing a furor with her one-stroke works. Her works are outstanding because they are made with a single line, that is, she does not separate the digital pencil from the tablet until the face of a recognized artist is completed. In addition, the works are representations of the connections she has made during the COVID-19 health crisis. She is a civil engineer who decided to dedicate herself to digital art because her passion inspired her to design artistic creations.

On the other hand, it has generated many impressive works, for the time in question. Some of them were sold using blockchain technology, including "Self-Portrait," "The Woman" and "Starry Kiss."


The Success That Awaits the Artist Camila Fierro

The famous Colombian has created her artistic style of line composition and a brilliant triumph awaits her in the world of digitalization. This creative economy tries to promote new nuances and opportunities for entrepreneurship, maintaining a link with urban artists. She says that her portraits have reached 25 countries and relates them to social networks.

The work "Starry Kiss" is one of the most recognized worldwide and is the representation of love during the pandemic. It was sold on the OpenSea platform.

In short, The Woman Post invites women with artistic talent from the new world to venture into crypto art. The new venture can generate all personal and professional growth at an artistic level.

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