How To Give Continuity to Small Businesses in the Post-COVID Era?

How To Give Continuity to Small Businesses in the Post-COVID Era?

Women struggle to plan for business continuity after a coronavirus health crisis.

Women struggle to plan for business continuity after a coronavirus health crisis.

As companies challenge the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis, women leaders are thinking about what measures to take to remedy the situation. From now on the world will be different, because it will be a new normal.

A report sponsored by the British Standards Institution (BCI) reveals that the pandemic has been damaging to business. In addition, it shows that the impacts for health, security, cyberattacks incidents grew significantly. However, the biggest blow was on people's morale and well-being. The study placed a lot of emphasis on women. That is why experts consider that there is a considerable increase in the digital boom of 81.3%.

The Black Swan Phenomenon

Women usually have a sixth sense which is intuition. However, the pandemic caught everyone off guard and many of the businesses and ventures suffered a negative impact.

In this sense, Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his book "The Black Swan" wrote the impact of the highly improbable. In the publication he expresses that the information goes fast in various directions, becoming the possibility of finding a black swan on the way. This phenomenon is a metaphor that contains surprises with transcendental consequences in our lives.


Keys to Rethinking Results

The strategy of giving continuity to business, while the uncertainty of the crisis is passing, is the challenge faced by some companies, in addition to the ventures executed by the female gender. That is why Erika Gómez López, editor of the Revista el Contador Público mentions the keys to the reengineering of small business planning.

-Digital adaptability: Promoting effective communication in women requires enhancing skills and abilities in the use of technological tools.

-The acceleration of digitalization: Women require the option of remote work, meetings, interviews, and virtual meetings. These actions promote the digitalization of their companies. In addition, they point out the idea that in the future more digitized operations will be generated.

-Management of women as human talent: The female gender seeks the possibility of having a database of young people with skills in social networks and with access to the internet.

-Sustainability: It becomes important that women develop sustainability and sustainability ventures for the planet. These years have become decisive for climate change, therefore, it is time to raise awareness and transform people's behaviors.

-Teleworking: This concept is directly linked to digital adaptability. That is why women must prioritize their pros and cons, to look for alternatives that allow job continuity.

-Entrepreneurship: Gender has become vulnerable with the pandemic and urgently needs to generate more entrepreneurship to incorporate other women. These strategies strengthen equality and diversity and provide opportunities in sectors.

-Human resources: It is important to recognize that people and professionals have digital adaptation capabilities, giving way to a valuable human resource.

-Omnichannel: The establishments are being redeemed so that users have immediate attention online. This implementation resulted in the containment measures taken by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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